1. LRBOB

    GoPro mic adapter and poor weather

    Hi all, For my audio recording I'm currently using a lav mic connected to my phone. At the moment it's not too bad, but it's a pain setting up every time I go for a ride. I'm considering getting the go pro mic adapter for a simpler setup and not needing to sync the audio during editing. The...
  2. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed Rode Wireless Go vs GoPro Microphone Adaptor | GoPro Hero 8

    Getting your in helmet audio right can be an utter pain, even after 4 years I still sometimes struggle to keep old kit running reliably. In this latest video I do an incredibly clean wired setup with the GoPro Hero 8 and also a Bluetooth setup with the Hero 8 and a Rode Wireless Go microphone...
  3. Tomr2992

    Anyone using a dictaphone for Vlogging?

    Hi all, New to the forum. Hoping to squeeze plenty of knowledge of the group in the future but first wanted to know how you go about recording sound and if some of you are using dictaphones? Odd, maybe, but having looked through the forum it would appear most are using phones. I tried my Pixel...
  4. Dragon Cru

    New to motovlogging

    I am just getting my el cheapo setup to see if I can do/like moto logging. I have the Dragontouch 4k cam with the mounts it came with. Unfortunately, it does not have a mic jack and doesn't support external mic. So for the time being, I want to get a decent lavalier mic that'll work with my...
  5. HeyItsRick

    Tascam DR-05 External Recorder

    Hey Yall! My audio is relatively clean but I'm always looking to improve things. I finally caved and bought an external audio recorder, the Tascam DR-05. I've paired it with the Purple Panda lavalier mic as its a highly recommended microphone. I broke the lapel clip it came with in half so I...
  6. R-Rated

    My Recent Audio Fail...

    What might work better than some of my audio on recent takes where I set my input too high...
  7. Ironside

    Guide Gopro Audio Backpack & 10u

    When I initially paired this I just paired it from the config menu when I should have paired it as an intercom. Audio test is at 7:21
  8. Ironside

    Sena Gopro Audio Pack - Hd Or No Hd

    Switching to a new setup which includes the GoPro backpack and my SENA headset is the 10U but from Schuberth (SC10U) I don't think it supports HD audio and without it, the sound is a step down from my previous quality. Is anyone else using the GoPro backpack and what headset are you using with it?
  9. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed Audio Improvements....

    Just a dinky motovlog for you today, I've made some changes to my audio set up, let me know in the comments on the video if you think it is an improvement or not? :-)
  10. fazer_1000

    Audio Setup - Recorder Vs. Just Mic

    I'm guessing this is something that's been debated here to the bone, but I'll ask still. When I decided I'll Vlog while riding, I set a rule that audio is paramount, and must be top quality-ish. Tried in the past to record with a lav mic to my GoPro 4 Black with no success (found out recently...
  11. Mark

    What Are My Audio Options?

    Up to this point, I have not been recording any voice audio while riding. I want to add that element but I want to know what my options and limitations are with my current hardware. I record video with a gopro. I have dual Sena SMH10 intercoms for the helmets and a Sena SM10 dual bluetooth...
  12. Abay

    The Quest For Clean And Constant Leveled Audio

    I'm having a hard time trying to get my audio loud enough and still clean. I use an aputure a.lav mic connected to my phone for capturing separate audio from my gopro, and I place my deadcat-ed mic right in front of my mouth on the chin bar. When I do vlogs sometimes I speak softly sometimes I...
  13. Matt Leech

    Captions Or Voice Over?

    For a while on our youtube channel I'd been adding interesting captions and animations to provide thoughts and additional information to vlog posts. However, just recently I had a go a doing a voice over instead, and immediately thought "Ugh! This is so much quicker!". So other than maybe a...
  14. mykb93

    Feedback Needed Sena Prism + Smh10r = Garbage Audio

    So, since switching over to all Sena products I have gotten SHIT for audio. Please watch this short video with Two clips of 2 different settings. 1 is the Sena recommened settings and the other is one that I read to use somewhere. Let me know which is better and please let me know if you have...
  15. HippoDrone

    Rant Gopro Hero Five Is Garbo..... (audio Nsfw)

    info is in the description, I am f'in fuming, sorry for the obscene amount of foul language (even for me this one is bad for swearing).
  16. JScrambler

    Do You Process Your Audio To Clean It Up?

    Just wondering how many people clean up their audio in post. I can't seem to get good quality sound. Maybe it's the acoustics of the helmet. I'm not sure. My setup: Tascam DR-05, lavalier Microphone with foam windscreen, and Gopro 4 I set my sensitivity to 3 and it's still too loud and...
  17. B

    Gopro 5 Audio Adapter?

    I originally received this one in the mail only to find out the gopro 5 doesn't use Mini USB, but uses its own proprietary gopro connector (how ridiculous is that?): link 1 (see attachment) The only adapter I can find for the gopro 5 is this one, and its huge! link 2 (see attachment) Does...
  18. Vikas

    Cardo Packtalk Connecting Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack

    hello all , can some one throw light on how we can connect the Cardo Packtalk with SENA Bluetooth Audio Pack ( for go Pro ) . my intension is to record the Vlog from Gopro , but the audio will go via the CArdo Packtalk helmet communication device.

    Duel Vlog: Capturing Comms Audio For Gopro [help!?!]

    Hi guys, recently upgraded to a Hero5, yeah i know the adapters an ugly brick of a thing but meh i don't care. I have the adapter on order atm and have picked up a lapel mic and some cables (2 3.5mm Y-splitters and 1 3.5mm male-to-male) in attempts to capture my voice as well as audio from my...
  20. sil3ntr

    Go Pro Mic Audio

    Ok folks, just did a quick test with the the Audio Technica ATR3350iS Onmidirectional Lavalier mic that just arrived. Noticed in premier pro and headphones that all my audio is in the right channel only ? I am using what I think is a 10 pin (as advertised on ebay) USB mic adapter then into the...
  21. whingnut

    Feedback Needed New Audio Recorder!

    hey guys! please check it out and let me know if i need to tweeek the audio!
  22. Reize

    Microphone Audio Quality Comparison - Cheap Vs Expensive

    So I've always used cheap mics sourced from China that go for like $2 a pop, and recently one of my subscribers got in touch with me and lent me his 20 GBP Drift-S branded mic for comparison. So I did a little video for you guys below, for you to decide whether paying premium for a branded mic...
  23. Ghaniba

    Curious, Anyone Recording Audio Separately?

    With all the cheap cameras out there, the one downside I find on every one is the lack of mic in. This has led me to consider doing a side recording, and merge the audio at the editing level. Anyone do this with any sort of success? Just curious. Thinking something like this: Search amazon...
  24. fearoffish

    Gopro, 20s And Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack

    Hi, Using the GP10 with the GoPro is a fantastic solution for moto vlogs, except for 2 issues. I have a solution for one of them, but the second I think we're stuck with (maybe?) 1 - Flat audio. I use a Zoom H2N to capture external noises and mix that in post production, so not so bad. Comes...
  25. Dark Rider

    How To Record Bluetooth Audio For Gopro (or Any Cam)

    Hey guys, here is s short video that some may find useful or not. It seems to work ok. A dedicated mic setup for your camera would obviously be better but this is just a test to show that it can be done.
  26. VengefulV

    Serious How Does My Audio Sound?

    I've been struggling with bad is a mic test. let me know if its god enough. thanks
  27. U

    I Know Nothing About Audio - Where Do I Start?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to all this. Can anyone point me to some background info so I can learn the basics about microphones and recording? I have an open face helmet and a Vio POV HD camera (which has a mic-in socket). Ideally I just want a mike I can plug into the Vio and record my voice clearly...
  28. Shifty

    Moving Audio "talk Chat" To Another Part Of The Movie

    Drift Ghost S, Mac iMovie. I want to move some of my speech to another part of my movie is it possible? I know I can clip it and move it but it has all of the background sound of the bike, I don't want to move some speech to when I sit at traffic lights only for the viewer to hear me change...
  29. SevenCube

    Recording Audio On Phone With Sena 20s

    I use an SJ4000 (kickass gift from a kickass brother) for my video recording. However as with all cameras, the wind noise from the camera mic is too high. I recently got my hands on a Sena 20S. I figured that if I set the SJ4000 to not pick up audio, and instead overlap the audio recorded from...
  30. S

    Recording Voice Audio From Seperate Device?

    Hey guys Im new up here and I just got my channel on youtube going, I only have like a channel trailer and a riding montage but thats beside the point, I wanted to know if anyone had any tips or advice for recording voice audio from a secondary source from the camera, and syncing it to the video...