What is your next channel goal?


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Aug 23, 2014
Mumbai, India.
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Haha my goal is a lot easier, I'm just getting back from a 5 year no motorbike stint (decided to focus a bit too much on the work part of work-life). Booked a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 that's due to be delivered in May / June.

But to answer your quesiton, what I would like to experiment with is 360 vlogging, I bought an Insta 360 One X and I find it quite fascinating. Not only can I capture 360 video / images but it also allows me to edit out a standard video by framing the camera in post-production. So yeah, my return to vlogging will involve trying to do 360 logs? :)


Apr 6, 2018
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I'd like my next goal to be getting the channel on a consistent theme, even if the uploads arent on a regular schedule...
I look at larger channels that I watch like Walterriffic and he's got a schedule, specific thumbnail layouts depending on the type of video. I want to make it where at first glance you can distinguish my standard motovlogs from my camping videos, and from my DIYs. I've found that when I tell people about my channel I get a little anxiety because I start thinking about how my page either looks unfinished or unorganized when looking at the videos overall.


Jan 2, 2017
West Sussex, UK
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I've actually added a goal, am wanting to get 1000 followers on my Facebook page too, currently at 593 Likes and 611 Follows. Might do a giveaway at 1k of a customised t-shirt or hoody with the winners name/channel name on it.


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Feb 24, 2019
South Australia
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I am interested to hear what your next goal, or milestone is for your channel. I'd also love to hear what you are proactively doing to reach it? :)

My next goal is to get half a million views and have set a timeframe to do it before the 1st of September! :)
Having a re-brand and different approach. Not looking at sub begging. Need to make my ‘tips and advice’ uploads a lot shorter. Basically around seven minutes so they get watched, as I honestly don’t expect people to sit for twenty to thirty minutes watching what is in effect not that a professional presentation (yet). I’ve decided to market my #TWITISM hashtag and hopefully get some views. Two Wheeled Intensive Training In Seven Minutes. Gonna just keep myself busy but enjoy it and watch it grow on merit if it deserves to. There’ll be longer videos but not the ‘how to’ ones.


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Oct 29, 2015
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Currently, my main goal is to maintain and "prefect" my uploads rate.
I always tell it's once a week, but sometimes I miss an upload.

And in general I think I can do it a bit more consistent and with better method.
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