What do you do with footage after it's posted to YouTube?


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Aug 29, 2017
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I just delete the footage. If need be I’d just rip it from YouTube. With some rides I’ve done I’ve rendered all the clips together, uploaded that to YouTube as private and then deleted the version from my PC/iPad depending what I’ve used to edit
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Sep 22, 2019
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I keep the rendered videos in a folder on the PC, all footage is sorted on the drive as well. Each set of recordings for a video go in a folder and named so I can easily identify it. I have been going back and forth on keeping the footage captured or deleting it, can't make up my mind. I may just end up getting an external drive and dating it as someone mentioned. Unless it is a bad recording image wise and not usable I tend to save it. I have had ideas and used footage that I originally thought unusable but it fits the bill for b-roll. It is something I have thought about but have not run out of room yet. :rolleyes:
Yeah I'm the same.
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