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Aug 28, 2020
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I currently have a Hero 7 Black on my chin and have been watching a lot of you guys with multiple cameras and getting new angles to spruce up your footage. I was going to get a 360 but decided against it for the time being but will soon. I ended up finding a Hero 8 black on sale so purchased that. As some of you know i lost my last rides footage due to wrong type of SD card in the camera, have that straight as well for Mondays ride. Excited.

Anyone check out there gopro case and power cable to keep your GoPro waterproof while using external battery on helmet ? Mine arrived and it looks great.

I’m going to use the Hero 8 for a time handlebars to get some shots back at me on the trails. And also will use it for stationary shots on the small tripod of our group coming around a corner or a small jump etc.
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Aug 4, 2016
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That is a really great setup. I use a modified dive case and run the cable through the little hole I made. So far, it has not failed. Cost is about the same as the case you are look at getting if you use a GoPro branded case.

Plus, if I drop my 8 again, the dive case will keep some of the shock from cracking the back glass.

However, the case you are looking at looks nicer and may be better because these cameras get HOT when recording some of the higher res/frame rates. I tested mine in about 100* F with no problem but who knows how long it will last.

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