Tyre pressure reading problem.


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Aug 29, 2017
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How much air are you meant to lose from a tyre on average? every two weeks let's just say?
Over two weeks I couldn't say. I'm in a a bit of habit of waiting for it feel off and not checking. It was oy down 5ish psi when I last did it and I think there was about a 2 month space between them
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Apr 16, 2018
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Damn better get this sorted as I drive every single day. I only bought the bike a month ago, but i drive around with my younger brother on the back quite often, so do you think that could be the reason the psi has gone down over the last 4 weeks? The front tyre is fine, but the rear was reading 0 psi before I put it up to 10 psi. Thought it might be an inaccurate reading so stopped and I didn't want my tyre to explode as i remember when I first put air in the tyres the machine was jumping around from 35 to 20 and back to 45. Just don't trust it.
You either have a slow puncture or your valve is defective. Get the tyre removed and replaced and (if you have one, the tube checked). It has nothing to do with weight on the bike.
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Aug 31, 2017
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You either have a slow puncture or your valve is defective. Get the tyre removed and replaced and (if you have one, the tube checked). It has nothing to do with weight on the bike.
I found the problem... There is a leak on the tyre wall. It bubbles when I wash the wheels.
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Jan 18, 2015
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Resealed from the inside or just on the outside. The problem with sealing tires is you don't really know how good the seal is, if it will hold or not as the tire is constantly spinning.

I had once done an internal patch job to my puncture, but it ended up slow leaking again but after a long time. Lucky I caught it just before my long distance trip otherwise it would have been not a fun trip.

Just make sure you are monitoring it closely from now on as mentioned when tires fail you are in a bad situation pretty quickly.
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Feb 24, 2019
South Australia
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I put a video on my YT channel, called 'what we should be doing before getting our leg over' - it was a bit of a spat at how some people treat their bikes like some do their cars, basics of it were we simply can't afford to do that - in a nutshell, constantly monitor your tyres and brakes, it's the difference between life and death when your contact patch is the size of the palm of your hand. Also expensive, 10psi tyres will wear very quickly, if they don't slide you off the road first. We can't treat our bikes like our cars and just jump on (in) and go. Plus half the fun of biking is learning the ins and outs of bike maintenance. There are loads of 'how to' videos on YouTube, from simple stuff like tyre pressure and chain adjusting, to adjusting your valves. Get some grease behind your finger nails - it's awesome :D
PS - I'm just researching digital tyre pressure monitors, will update soon ;-)

I SEE I'M LATE TO THIS THREAD ..... just searching tyre pressure monitors, and came across this one.

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