Rant Traffic, Bumper Stickers, Lane Splitting, And Immunology: Slowly Learning How To Final Cut


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Nov 15, 2015
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I tried to do a "so this is how I got into bikes"
but I cut it. Each time I do it, I skip over the best parts...the ones that get me kind of upset/angry and all the shitty things that happened before I started motorcycling.

Some day.

I had a rant after a friend committed suicide last month that I cut from a vlog too because it was too cringe worthy. Motovlog is a shite format for that. It's been weird.

This is a lot more light hearted, which is usually how I keep things.

man this turned into a bummer fast. I promise the video isn't!
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Feb 18, 2016
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Two things ...

Porsche is two syllables.

"Grab a finger full of it" sounds super dirty.

The argument I keep hearing about filtering/splitting is that "someone might pull out in front of you." What I think is that dumbasses splitting traffic at triple digits on the highway confuses lawmakers on what we are actually advocating for.

Filtering is safer for bikers and alleviates traffic if there are a significant number of bikes. It's proven, as you say.
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