Sunny Bear 2018 Challenge


Jan 2, 2017
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Ok ladies and gents, I guess it is about time to reveal the winners....

1st place got 156 points, 2nd place got 154 points, it really was that close, and I almost feel close enough to be (almost) a draw... but it is still 2 points so there is a winner. Well done to @Theodor you hit the top spot with @R-Rated so very close behind you in 2nd with some fantastically entertaining videos. 3rd place goes to @lupin who had he been able to get more videos completed would have been very much in the running for 1st or 2nd place. Congratulations to @Undead MV for a valiant 4th place and to @NF Vulcan coming in 5th.

I really enjoyed watching all your entries, it is a shame you weren't all able to complete the challenges and even more of a shame that more people didn't join in, the SBC is a really good way to get involved in the community, I know we all kinda sub to each other mostly, but we are also promoting each others channels too so getting each others channels out to new audiences.

@Theodor if you could let me know which of your SBC videos you'd like promoted via pm I'll get @dandoolittle to bung it on the sidebar until the end of the year! :) and I'll share it on the Facebook page too. :)

Well done everyone! :)
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2016 Solar Bear Champion.
Jul 5, 2015
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Congratulations to the winners. I'd love to say I watched all your videos, but I didn't.

Man if only I got off my ass and did some videos.

Guess there is always next year, and maybe even Solar Bear again?
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