Sunny Bear 2018 Challenge


Jan 2, 2017
West Sussex, UK
I ride a
2012 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone
This is where you are to post your entries for the Sunny Bear 2018 Challenge

So the challenges:

S - Shoutout: Announce the Sunny Bear Challenge and, tell your viewers what this is all about.

U - Under: Go under a bridge or through a tunnel and without becoming a nuisance to others, let your bike sing.

N - Navigate: Go from one end of your city/town/village to the other. Just the highlights.

N - New: Who did you last subscribe to, and why?

Y - Yippee: What, besides motorcycling, can make you say "Yippee"?

B - Buy: What was your last investment for your bike and why?

E - Eat: Go Get some food, show us what you are into?

A - Art: Ride to three examples of street Art. Give their location. +1 if they can be confirmed on Google Street View.

R - Reflect: make a montage of your favorite bits from some of the other people's entries in the challenge and give a shoutout to each person that entered (even if they only made one video.

The rules

1. Ride safe! Do not put yourself in danger.

2. The SBC will run from Today until midnight on the 28th October 2018 Times are BST (GMT+1).

3. You should only put up one video on any day, and each challenge should, where possible, be undertaken on a different day. Post your video on your YouTube channel and post a link to it on the Sunny Bear 2018 thread. The video should stay on topic, keep it Sunny Bear! :)

4. The challenges should be undertaken in order. You can skip one challenge and move on to the next one, and complete the skipped challenge at the end but please try and keep them in order.

5. You must ride a motorcycle, scooter or trike and have posted at least one previous YouTube video riding and vlogging on your YouTube channel.

6. Once you complete your challenge, park your bike nearby (only when and where it is safe to do so) and run, or walk around your bike 3 times while chanting loudly “Sunny Bear”, “Sunny Bear”, “Sunny Bear”. Bonus points if you get third parties to join you or do it in front of crowds of people.

7. Each vlog must be at least 3 minutes long and absolutely no longer than 10 minutes long including openers/closers

8. Bonus points can be awarded for particularly interesting, quirky, funny vlogs.

9. The winner of the SBC will be the one with the most points. I will announce the winners on the 4th November.

10. You must add link back to the Sunny Bear 2018 Challenge thread in the BIO of your video:

11, The judges are @HippoDrone and @Lurch, @dandoolittle may also judge your entries. At least one of us will "like" your submission post (on the forum, not YT) once we have watched it so you know it has been counted. Judges may submit videos.

12: New members may post in the thread. If you get blocked adding links by our moderation checks, please post the YouTube URL with spaces. We will edit the post for you. To post your submission in this instance, just post the bit after, eg: /watch?v=v2C1pQzj3Kw and a mod will turn it in to an embedded video for you.

For chat and queries about the competition, please post in the other thread rather than in this one:
Sunny Bear Chat Thread
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