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This forum is for competitions, if you haven't guessed it!

The rules are

  • All submitted topics are moderated
  • You can request a competition by sending me a message, or Lurch
  • Competition MUST have a prize of some sort
  • All competitions MUST link back to this site, no exception
  • If you are approved, you must explain how a winner will get a prize...Screw our members over, you'll regret it
  • If we have a member heading up/helping with a competition, they will become a mod of this area until the comp is over
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Additional information for competitions hosted on

Any members not able to post links (new members with insufficient posts usually) should post the portion of the URL that comes after - a moderator will add in the YouTube part and get it embedded for you.

Any grievance over the competition should first be directed at the competition manager, normally the OP of the competition thread. If the issue can't be resolved that way then you may refer it to Lurch or Dan. Please note that not all competitions are run by the forum, but we will do what we can to keep things fair.

Feedback is crucial to the success of the competitions, please do feel free to make suggestions and comments. These can be carried forwards to make comps more fun and accessible.

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