Just hit a milestone on my channel :-)

NF Vulcan

Never Hold In A Fart
Aug 26, 2017
Nebraska USA
I ride a
2007 Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak 1600 SE
250,000 views, I know some creators get that in the first hour of uploading a vid, but I'm pretty chuffed tbh :)

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I think my next milestone is 750,000 minutes watched, which isn't too far off now either.

I've seen so many folk come and go over the time I have been a member on here, most seem to give up (or at least not hang about on here and engage folk long enough for their channels to get a foothold and us to become invested in them). I am so glad I discovered this website, and have been able to form friendships with so many of you (even if some no longer join in on here).
Thanks to all of you who have helped my channel grow! :)
Fantastic Brother!!
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