Serious I Had A Crash...stay Safe Out There Guys!


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Jan 4, 2016
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Dude... I had a similar accident last year. I was at a light turning right on red. I was about a month into riding, hell maybe 5th time on the road. I decided it was time to not sit and wait for traffic to pass that was 10 miles away, so I gunned it out into the lane. I missed my shift into 2nd and went into neutral. I revved freely. Freaked. Fixated on the car my bike was going towards and had visions of smacking it. I got it in gear and gassed it. There was sand in the intersection (it was early March) and the ass end slipped right out. Broke my pinky and got a concussion. It was completely avoidable.. point being.. we make mistakes and decide whether we want to get back up and ride or not. I chose to eventually. I was fortunate. Glad to see you had your gear on.
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Jul 4, 2015
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Glad you weren't too badly hurt. The bike though :(. Impressed that you're not blaming others, when you could've easily done so.
Yeh no use blaming others. No way insurance would assign blame to the driver and it wouldn't have helped me if i'd just been in denial.
Damn that sucks! Car just kept going like nothing happened. Glad you are OK
Ha i know right. Loads of other people stopped but this guy didn't even look at me.

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Dec 18, 2014
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Takes a real man to admit it could be avoided Although there are three lanes into three lanes those hatchings create a pinch point for the outer 2 lanes (dumb design) but at least you're ok and next time you know to jump on the Audi with a soft roof


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Oct 7, 2016
Los Angeles
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Man, good on you that you were geared up properly...especially on your lower extremities. Without those boots you would've probably fractured some part of your leg. Thanks for sharing.

FYI, I don't recommend any inexperienced riders to motovlog. It just takes too much focus off of the many variables that can kill you as a rider.

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