How Do You Wash Your Bike?


Dat Foreign Guy
Dec 26, 2016
North Carolina
I ride a
2015 Suzuki Hayabusa
I just use a bucket and sponge, only thing I do is put a plastic bag over my phone charger cable but aside from that just spray her down soap her up and rinse it off.

In between, because I have a black bike. I use the Turtle Wax Black Jet Black detailed kit.


Feb 25, 2017
South England
I ride a
A motorcycle, silly.
I use Orange or Cherry Snowfoam as that smells best imo in my jetwash(it doesnt jet it out lol) and then i rub that in nicely and gently. Extra concentration on the wheels though. Then I use the jetwash mist function so it inst powerful, to go head to bottom. Especially avoiding the chain. Always when im done, i scrub my wheels (because im from England, and my wheels are white. seriously fml in that regard) then i lube everything, then i shit you not, i get the hairdryer out and dry the bike where the water would eventually sit and potentially rust (i.e. inside bolt heads etc) :)
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Riding Triumph Sprint GT SE 1050
Jul 13, 2017
East Anglia, UK
I ride a
Triumph Sprint GT SE 1050
Bucket & Sponge........ :D
I am not joking... bucket and sponge with MUC off, decent dirt remover wash or anything like that (Need it in the UK)... followed by water repellent spray that gets rid of moisture in places the water doesn't belong then a nice good polish and wash :D