Harley 2021 model reveal - Thoughts?

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Mar 23, 2020
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I watched the live event, I was very underwhelmed. The video was mostly a waste of time, a lot of marketing talk but not much substance. No real changes for 2021 other than cutting some models, going back to cable clutches, and some new colors. Sounds like they want to push CVO's too which is focusing in the wrong direction IMHO. And nothing about the Pan America, that's next month.

I was not impressed.
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Jun 8, 2020
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Harley has decided to focus primarily on their old core customer - unfortunately that old core customer is swapping from bikes to mobility scooters by now.

The lawyer/accountant crowd are riding Diavels, or Rocket III's or BMW somethings.

A company plagued by bad decisions, the new CEO might have slowed the downward spiral briefly but its stilla downward spiral.

Harley Davidson has had two brilliant opportunities to expand and broaden their market in the longer term had invested in those opportunities more heavily both financially and practically.

1. Buell
2. V Rod
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