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Jan 5, 2013
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I’m pretty old school, especially since I shoot with 2-3 cameras sometime. I log my main helmet cam since it’s wired with my mic, and clap slate the rest to it. I keep a written time log of everything that happens.


0:00 -2:14

Put on gloves, started up bike, eased down lane to main road. 0:34 - almost hit a squirrel while turning onto road.

Wolf: Damn, that was close. Stupid little bugger!


In the margins I use a series of astrisks ( *) to designate if something interesting happens, or if I should cut to a different camera for better or coordinated coverage, use of transitions, cue points for music, etc. ...

When done I’ll use highlighters to mark the shots and moments I want to use. The log then becomes a script for how I’ll how edit and structure the motovlog. Once I’m in Premiere it’s faster and more efficient to assemble the footage based on my logging notes. After that it’s a matter of seeing if it all works, and then to trim, polish or re-edit specific moments and events.

The logging takes time but it’s a way to become ultimately familiar with the footage I shot, then have the best way to make decisions on how I want to use the material. It makes the editing easier because I don’t have to guess about what’s in the footage I shot.

- Wolf
Don't know if i am impressed or astonished...

Feels like i would have to stop every minute or so in most video's xD


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Jan 6, 2017
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It's a lot of hard work upfront, but it really streamlines the editing process. One of the tough parts of editing your work is deciding what to keep and what to cut. I call that killing your children, as your footage tends to be precious and something we're reluctant to get rid of. Logging helps me see the big picture so I know what's important over other parts of my raw motovlog footage. If I edit on paper by crossing out time log sections, I can connect the dots of the parts that strongly relate to one another, especially across different takes, or days of filming.

It does take patience, but I learned to shoot and edit on actually film which was waaaaay slower than the digital methods used today, so maybe I'm fine with the logging process.

- Wolf
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Jul 15, 2019
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Alright I want to follow up on this and what I've learned this summer. It's about to start snowing on Saturday, so this is the end for now. I'll figure something out. Anyway, I found it MUCH easier to edit when I had the topic in mind. If I was just out riding randomly with no topic in mind, it was much harder to decide to use certain clips in post. When you're addressing a topic you can say oh ya this is perfect or this won't work. Not maybe this will work. Otherwise everyone's tips are awesome! Thanks. :)

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