Anonymous Or Not?

Mar 9, 2018
I ride a
2011 Zx6r/2008 Sportster 1200
I like the anonymity of it. I don't really want people to know me personally from YT. Friends that already know me are different lol. But random people that may watch my vids, I'll talk to em IRL, but personal content on the channel will be left as a mystery. I try to censor out all personal info.


@YouMotorcycle Everywhere
Apr 6, 2018
Toronto, Canada
I ride a
2006 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod
*shrug* as someone who's worked in the motorcycle and automotive industries and been a blogger for 9+ years, it's made good business sense for me to go the opposite way. My blog is what got me my first job and got me started in the motorcycle industry, I was already known in the community when I applied so it sent me to the top of the list.

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