1. TWWaffle

    General New Exhaust Unbox/Install/Reaction MADNESS lol.

    If you open the video in YouTube, there are time stamps in the description to skip around to lol. If you can't open it or don't want to, here ya go (as a reference. Don't click on them lol). 00:23 - have a laugh00:38 - receiving and unboxing exhaust 00:56 - Ninja skills01:33 - exhaust sound...

    Review Dji Spark Introduction.


    General Car Crossing Center Line. Omg


    General Walterrific!


    General Off-road Zx6r


    Zx6r Oil Change Video


    General Dead Kangaroo


    General Top Ten I Hate About The Zx6r

  9. MrTsizzlade

    New Old Vlogger

    Hey guys! It's been a minute, and I had to take a break from vlogging for various reasons, but I'm back so whether you've watched before or never heard of me, come check out the channel and leave some feedback! MrTsizzlade
  10. HDMOTO

    General A Short Clip Of Corners

  11. HDMOTO

    General Highdefmoto 2016

  12. HDMOTO

    General I Saw A Green Chevy

  13. HDMOTO

    Review Top 5 I Hate About My Zx6r.

  14. ScootWook

    Funny 2013 Zx6r Chasing 2015 R1 | Ride To Remember!

    What up, MotoVlog.com? Back again with a re-release of a video I had to take down last week due to a few poor editing choices. I took my time and retooled the entire video and the results are much better than before. Me and a friend partake in some good old fashioned pavement abuse on the best...
  15. HDMOTO

    Review Hero 5 Vs 3+black.

  16. HDMOTO

    General Top 5 I Like About The Zx6r

  17. ScootWook

    Funny Stop Smoking Now! Be A Vape Bro!

    I wish I had never started smoking all of those years ago, all of that wasted money could have probably gone towards something awesome like a brand new motorcycle, or a time machine....if I had a time machine I'd travel back to when I stole a cigarette from my dad, and punch my 18 year old self...
  18. Rowdy Fox

    Zx6r Or Zx10r

    At the moment I'm researching into buying a larger bike, currently I'm riding a 2013 ninja 300. I have had a few friends say that I should get a ZX10R, but then I have also had people tell me I should get the ZX6R, so I don't have such a large jjumped in cc's. Can anyone throw in some of their...
  19. Ninjazx6pt

    General Saturday Ride Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r 2008 Around Lisbon

    drive by in my ninja zx6r 2008 Watch brothers:)
  20. HDMOTO

    General Random Clips #1

    This upload is my first random clips video. Short and sweet.
  21. SammyT

    My Zx6r J1 Ninja. Dream Bike.

    Bonus pic of it next to my very cool mum's Yamaha Raider 1900cc.
  22. HDMOTO

    General Melbourne Street Art Photoshoot

    Here is my newest upload. This time I've gone to see Hosier Lane, a street art loaded back alley in Melbourne City. I got some photos of my bike, a 05 zx6r, amongst the vibrancy of the area. Thanks for checking it out!!
  23. Merlin

    General Grass Tree Hill Rd

    Hey guys been busy trying to keep weekly content happening, it's quite a challenge at times. But here's the latest installment from the apple isle! Hope you enjoy Merlin
  24. HDMOTO

    General Abandoned Mental Hospital Photoshoot

    All right, here is my first upload on the YouTubes. In the video I visit a abandoned mental hospital in Melbourne and get some photos of the bike. I'm at ZERO subscribers as of now so if you like and want to see more if appreciate if you hit that SUB button :):);) And follow me on Instagram...
  25. RoadSprock

    Breaking A 2003 Kawasaki B1h Zx6r

    Anyone looking for parts? (Excluding front nose cone/headlights/fairings.)
  26. HDMOTO

    Picked Up My New Bike Today

    2005 zx6r. All the keys. All the books/history. 38000kms. Well looked after. All standard. I cleaned/polished it and installed some shorty levers as I like them better. I want an aftermarket exhaust soon. (For safety reasons)
  27. HDMOTO

    Aspiring Melbourne Motovlogger

    Hi all! This is a big HELLO from Melbourne, Australia. I currently am getting set up as a new MotoVlogger in this south east city of Aussie. My new ride is a 2005 Ninja ZX6R. I'm on all social media as HIGHDEFMOTO I will have video content in a few weeks, and lots of photos sooner than that...