1. CodeNameAB

    General Tractime #3 | My Fastest Lap As Rookie On Wet Circuit Of Mettet

    My first time in Circuit of Mettet in Belgium and it was mostly riding on wet track the entire day. I started with Rookie group so that I could follow the instructor on track and learn the textbook lines and that turned out to be a great decision. Since I have only street tyres and not rain...
  2. HippoDrone

    Anglesey Coastal Trackday: Ktm Duke 390

    I was supposed to be on this but the ride up and home after put me off due to the predicted storms. I shoved my cameras on my mates bike and have put together some of the footage from the day and added a partial commentary too.
  3. Shifty

    General A Wet Ride In Wiltshire

  4. dandoolittle

    Car Sun Roof, Left Open, Wet = Smelly

    So long story short - Left the sun roof open of the Celica...It got moist and now smells damp. Yesterday I left the windows open to air it, and forgot to close them - wet again The chairs now stink. Any tips for ditching the smell? Thankfully its supposed to be a dry day so I can leave it...
  5. HikngBiker

    General Soggy Shout Out To Burly Jack And Riot Rider

    That is winter just about started!
  6. Grimfaith

    Funny Whos The Brain Surgeon?!

    Probably not the best riding weather! Made my videos a lot shorter, think it came out cool :)

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