1. M

    Over Complicated Things For Myself

    OK lads, I have been 1 week in trying to record a video that I am willing to post. I have had trouble. I have external Audio, and I used 1 helmet GP, 1 Fairing rear facing GP, and Use my phone for Off Bike walk around stuff. I start the audio when I leave my house, and its like 15 minutes in...
  2. HippoDrone

    Guide How To Improve Your Video Quality On YouTube

    As discussed on another thread, thanks to @R-Rated for putting me on to this tip:
  3. SighBored

    YouTube finally simplifies copyright claims!

    Trying to remove pirated videos used to be such a pain in the @$$, YT has finally made it so much more simple, and also the way it identifies copied content is quite surprising, especially those 10%-40% matches, makes you wonder just how thorough their algorithms are. So for anyone thinking of...
  4. redkaw

    Trailer Video

    hey guys i think i have a cool idea for a trailer video buy id need help from yal :)
  5. WingManGT

    Feedback Needed I've Finally Decided To Make A Video About My Speech Disorder.

    Since I've started making videos (I know they aren't amazing or anything) I'm wondering if my speech disorder bothers people and pushes them away from my content. What am I talking about? I can't pronounce the "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr" so it can sound quite weird. So what are your thoughts. Would that...
  6. Superballs

    Should We Upload To Youtube Precompressed Or Allow Youtube To Compress Video For Us?

    I've noticed that this question has been asked a lot. I've had a recent video that I just finished and decided that I would upload it twice, with two different bitrates, and we can try to objectively decide which is the better way. I have not had a chance to view and compare my video quality...
  7. JBH

    Feedback Needed A Different Take On My Crash Video :d

    Luckily I wasn't harmed, nor was the bike damaged! I tried to do it a bit differently in comparisson to all the other crash vids. Tell me what you think of it!
  8. Toma Rider

    A Video Of Mine Is Garnering A Lot Of Hate?

    Are you allowed to link videos here? I don't want to break any rules so I won't, but it can be found easily on my channel, has the most views by far. The problem is, is this a good thing? I don't want a bunch of haters on my channel, but I think the video's content is valid. If it were you...
  9. CodeNameAB

    General 1000 Subs Thank You | Ask Your Questions For Q&a Video

    With all your support I have recently crossed this milestone, a big thanks to everyone here! I started this channel without much expectations and I didnt even know if I would continue making videos for this long. Now I am curious to see where this YouTube journey takes me. Once again, thanks a...
  10. WingManGT

    First Video Is Out, Any Feedback Will Be Apreciated

    Hi guys, I finaly managed to make a decent quality video (in terms of sound and video) and I would apreciate if you can give me some feedback so I can improve my content. So here it goes guys, this is my first attempt, I was nervous as hell and need to relax a bit more :). p.s. If it is not...
  11. Abay

    Posting Crash Video

    I just saw a video on youtube of a crash involving 2 bikes and 2 cars. One rider died from the crash. Its clearly the riders fault. The crash happened just a few days back. Pretty sure the uploader isnt a relative or friend of the riders involved in the crash. He showed the footage, explained...
  12. DorkyRoad

    Got My Video Clip Featured In A Moto Madness Compilation

    Here's hoping it leads a bunch of new people to my channel! Anyone else been in one of these comps? Any hidden downside to this? I think it's okay to post this here because it isn't my video...but please remove or move if it should go somewhere else. I promise not to get all butthurt...
  13. CodeNameAB

    General Rode On Passo Gavia In Italy Last Summer, Wanted To Show You All How Beautiful It Is!

    Here is something to watch for weekend ;) My longest video on youtube till date! :D Feel free to skip ahead but dont miss 14:30
  14. Shadowfoot

    General Wreck Video

  15. Captain

    General Canadianmotogal - Video Response - Head Tipping

    Slightly tongue in cheek towards Harley riders but meant as always in a light hearted approach.
  16. IronHorse

    Funny My First Crash Video

    Luckily it was nothing more than just a small spill, but I was undeniably disappointed in myself for this one. On the plus side, I got it on film, lol. The fumble is around 1:15 if anyone wants to skip my rambling and pathetic wheelies. Anybody else have some funny stories or videos of them...
  17. sammyb_883

    Video Length?

    Hey guys, What's everyones opinion on video length for a motovlog? Obviously the content of the video plays a huge part in whether it is too long/boring but just asking in general. Currently editing my fourth video and wondering how much to cut out. I've read that the youtube algorithm favors...
  18. KittenMeat

    Serious New Video Of My Friend Wrecking His New Fz09

    really minor wreck. I've had this footage for ever now. I wanted to salvage some of the footage despite a messed up microphone, so I did what I could, and put some music on it. Hopefully it lets me keep it on YT. It was pretty funny both of us riding 2 up home on my bike. The old man bike is...
  19. JoshAFJ

    General Video Games...i Play Them Sometimes. (and Some Drift Stuff)

    Back in the day I used to play a lot of video games. Not so much anymore since I'm always so busy with work, social life and projects, but from time to time I do get on and play again. Now that it's getting colder I will be on a lot more! Steam: whistlesgowoo (Will show up as AnTiPRO) Origin...
  20. JoshAFJ

    General Why Do Video Streaming Services Suck?

    If you're like me you probably subscribe to one or more video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Have you noticed that quality of shows and movies have been falling over the past months and years? What gives? Do you have a service you really like? Something that's not a...
  21. ScootWook

    Serious My First Real Instructional Video

    For my beginner friends I was there once too, this is how I give back! Take a look and let me know what you think of my new mini-series! This is a new venture for me, feedback would be helpful!
  22. OhioRider

    Video Editing Pc ??? Whats Yours ?

    I wanted to switch to apple . Till I came across this ? What are your thoughts ???? Think it will handle editing well ?
  23. AdoboMoto

    General First Video Post! Check Me Out! Budget Boots Review!

    hey guys...i think i followed the rules correctly. please let me know otherwise! this is my first post..only have 3 videos to my belt..but let me know what you guys think! did a review of a couple of budget boots...
  24. sk3tchninja

    Feedback Needed My Introduction Video

    I have finally gotten my equipment and set-up to a point where I can take quality footage and audio! As far as my editing technique, on screen personality and content goes, I expect it to improve over time. I'm posting for helpful criticism, feedback, advice and any tips that could improve my...
  25. CodeNameAB

    General Short Trailer Video From My Ride To Blackforest In Germany

    There was a four day weekend and I decided to ride to Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in Germany to enjoy the autumn colours, fantastic roads and also to celebrate Deepavali, the Indian festival of lights in my own way :D This is a short trailer and I plan to make detailed videos of each day later...
  26. Meifesto

    Review Mash Scrambler Music Video

    Not the best edit due to lack of footage.
  27. ScootWook

    Funny Adventure Time | Thoughts On The 2017 Yamaha Fz09| Random Adult Video Store?!

    NEW VIDEO UP My thoughts on the new, 2017 Yamaha FZ 09! Having myself a nice little adventure, other acts of randomness to include an adult video store which popped up along the way....perverts. Click that Like, Comment and SUBSCRIBE to my channel...almost at 100 subs, lets get me there so I...
  28. CodeNameAB

    General Going Back In Time, My First Video From Gopro

    Here is one from the archives! What you see in this video is just another day back in Bengaluru, India! Only after moving to Belgium did I realize how unique Indian traffic is! Like they say, when in Rome, live like a Roman, I would say, when in India, drive like an Indian :D If you enjoyed...

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