1. C

    Vegas Pro 14 Problems

    Hello all, Hope you all had a good xmas :-) Ive just managed to get a copy of Vegas pro 14 to start vlogging and good editing instead of win movie maker. I cant seem to get any letters etc to add from the project media bit (appears to be nothing there) Where can i download them from?
  2. Frootiboot

    Help! I Can't Get Good Youtube Quality!

    Alright man, I just got my first action camera and I'm getting seriously demotivated already. The camera that I am using is a Vikeepro 4k Action Camera. It is not a real GoPro, but the camera is not the problem. The videos themselves are recorded in 1080p 60fps, and they look absolutely stunning...
  3. C

    The Many Versions Of Vegas

    Hi folks, Looking around for video editing software, I'm leaning towards VEGAS (no longer owned by Sony it seems), but wanted to hear any opinions as to which versions are good. I'd love to go with the cheapest Vegas Movie Studio, which is only $50, but can anyone say it's lacking X or Y...
  4. MotoDynsty

    Music Las Vegas Motovlogger 2k16 Meetup

    Enjoy the tunes and scenery
  5. MotoDynsty

    General Vegas 2k16 Meetup/spam/baby Wheelie

    Giveaway coming up. Popped a baby wheelie and spammed some chicks bike.
  6. Mosin636

    How Did You Learn How To Edit??? (hopefully Not A Repeat)

    I use Sony Vegas Pro just wondering how others learned to use some of the more in depth programs. I am pretty tech savy but have trouble in areas like pop up pictures such as meme/troll faces and things. I also want to learn useful tips I cant even think of or think to look for. So how did you...
  7. AchefsRide

    L.a Meet And Greet 2016

    Hey hey me again haha I know its a little early stages right now but as some of you know i will be in LA and vegas in april next year (2016) and i would love to do a meet and greet with some of you SoCal local's i want to see the local side of LA not just the touristy part, since i haven't been...

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