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  1. CodeNameAB

    Review 2017 Bmw G310r : Test Ride And Review

    So how does the all new BMW G310R perform? Like I said in the video, they have tried it to make it a beginner friendly everyday bike, meaning, it's smooth, relaxed, easy to ride, good for commuting and should also be good for occasional rides to twisties. The quality of the bike is at par with...
  2. IronicRbnd

    Review Yamaha Xsr900 Test Ride

  3. CodeNameAB

    Review Ktm 1290 Superduke Gt - A Quick Test Ride On The Autobahn

    As the title says, this is a quick test ride and I just talked about whatever came to my mind while riding this bike and added a bit more info as text. This is not meant to be a thorough review by any means. :) Hope you enjoy!
  4. willph

    Review Jumping On The Test Ride Bandwagon: Ducati Monster 1200r

    had the opportunity to finally go for some demo days this year. Usually my schedule sucks for this stuff. So....first demo ride....and its the fastest bike ive ever been on and I absolutely love it!
  5. Dark Rider

    Guide Ktm 990 Super Duke Test Ride And Pillion Experience

    I got a lift on the back of FixITwithC4's 1290 Super Duke R as I have no bike and whats a better sight than 2 men on bike.... :P
  6. CodeNameAB

    General What Happens When You Test Ride Your Dream Bike?

    The S1000RR was the bike I always dreamt of owning one day and this test ride was just to assure myself before I took the plunge! I will be posting a longer first impressions video about this bike soon, but this video almost sums up everything! :D I did end up buying one as you can see on my...
  7. Dark Rider

    Review Yamaha Mt-09 Tracer Review

    Did my first impromptu bike review a short while ago. I wasn't all that prepared as we were initially out to test Ducatis! I've always wanted to test ride the MT-09 but the dealer only had the Tracer which was the next best thing. Bike reviews are quite fun and I'd like to do a few more in the...
  8. Meifesto

    Music Zero Fx Test Ride

    Test ride of the electric Zero FX motorcycle; With music this time
  9. BbqRider

    General Kawasaki Kle650 Versys Ride

    I took a friend's Kawasaki Versys 650 out for a blast and gave my first impressions of the bike. It's quite a fun bike and I wouldn't mind having one. Also the second half is a music video because of wind noise. I hope you enjoy

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