1. Reize

    General Finally! Almost End Of 2017 And I've Hit 1.3k Subs (ignore What I Said In The Video)

    Can I celebrate with you guys about it?
  2. Jafnhaar

    Push For 200 Subscribers?

    Hey girls and guys :D Been working so hard on videos lately I have been slacking on the promo front lol Do you thinks it's possible to get to 200 by xmas?
  3. CodeNameAB

    General 1000 Subs Thank You | Ask Your Questions For Q&a Video

    With all your support I have recently crossed this milestone, a big thanks to everyone here! I started this channel without much expectations and I didnt even know if I would continue making videos for this long. Now I am curious to see where this YouTube journey takes me. Once again, thanks a...
  4. 8BitRider

    Thoughts On Subs ( I Know, Another Thread About Subs)

    How important do you view getting Subs? I just recently posted a few videos after a 7 month stop in vlogging and they are getting a ton of traffic, but no new subs. What are your thoughts on this? Should I even care? Curious to think what ya'll think
  5. dandoolittle

    Five Years From Nothing To 800k Subs And A Millionaire

    this isn't a bike channel but over five odd years he's gone from a few hundred subs, to over 800k He's changed so much, some, most say he's annoying but I do like this stuff. It's worth noting how he progressed overtime but kept the same format
  6. JoshAFJ

    Rant Yammie Noob Causes Wreck, Asks Subs For Money And Then Mocks The Situation

    WARNING This video has some strong language lol So we all know Yammie Noob got in yet another accident. It sucks and I feel for the guy. I was honestly not a fan of all the people that were coming out giving him shit and saying they wished he was hurt more, or even worse, died in the...
  7. CodeNameAB

    General Some Cornering Fun In Ardennes | 500 Subs Thank You | Pure Exhaust Note

    You all have made it possible Thank you!
  8. BehindBars

    General Meeting Subs

    Met a couple of subs and went for a ride :)
  9. CodeNameAB

    General 300 Subs Special | A Few Shoutouts

    Thanks a lot guys for all the support you have given me, really appreciate it!
  10. sammyb_883

    Video Length?

    Hey guys, What's everyones opinion on video length for a motovlog? Obviously the content of the video plays a huge part in whether it is too long/boring but just asking in general. Currently editing my fourth video and wondering how much to cut out. I've read that the youtube algorithm favors...
  11. Sportster

    1000 Subs Mod Challenge. Thoughts???

    Hey guys! So I have decided to start a little challenge for my youtube channel Challenge to myself. Only to get a mod, after every 1000 subs Right now I only have 70 subscribers is this too ambitious? Is it going to take too long? how long did it take you all who have more than 1000 subs to...
  12. Sportster

    Feedback Needed Showing Off My Iron 883, Mods, And 1000 Subs Mod Challenge!!

    Hey guys! here's my sporty, In this video I do a walkthrough of my bike, I talk about the mods ive done to it and also the mods I am planning on doing to it in the near future let me know what yall think about the bike and also about videos like these!!
  13. AmpdMoto

    Reached 200 Subs Thanks To Community!!

    Just wanted to share how great the motovlogging community is. I was 6 subs away from 200 and several motovloggers came together and started sharing my channel on social media and got me to 200. Supporting each other and helping each other out is what the basics of being a biker is all about and...
  14. TriumfAnt

    Best Motovloggers With Less Than 1000 Subs

    Do you follow a motovlogger with less than 1000 subs who you think deserves more support? If so, add their channel link below so the rest of us can check them out. I'll start us off. Not only is Soopabee a great vlogger, but I've met him a couple of times and he's just as nice in real life as...
  15. Shifty

    6 Months How Many Subs?

    So after 6 months it's 51 subs? What's that like in comparison

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