1. Make Rides

    My Social Media Links :)

    Facebook: YouTube: Maka the Cornish Emmet Twitter: Instagram: Website: Hopefully these work :) I follow back on all social media including Youtube vloggers :) I need...
  2. JoshAFJ

    General Tired Of Hearing Political Rants On Social Media....

    Seriously about to drop my personal accounts on social media because I can't escape politics! Why can't I just have a stream filled with cars, bikes, and awesomeness :(
  3. JoshAFJ

    Guide How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Channel

    I've been involved in tons of online projects over the years from running websites, forums, making videos, posting my photography, and covering events. In that time I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to marketing and social media. Building something from the ground up takes a lot...
  4. dandoolittle

    Share Your Social Channel Here

    We've got a couple of 'share your' type of threads. They pretty much do the same thing so I'm merging into the one thread, rather than a few stickies Format to post is this;copy and paste Facebook: YouTube...
  5. NS.YT

    Funny The Great Bathroom Dilemma Of 2016

    I'm going to tell you where to pee and poo..And more importantly...Why you shouldn't care.

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