road trip

  1. Matthew152

    General Road Trip To St. Andrews, Vlog Up!

    Whats up everyone! Just a heads up to those who may be interested, my latest adventure is now posted. My youtube channel is MattSideDown. My videos are pretty light hearted, so enjoy!
  2. MiGlyRides

    General Sticky Roadworks & Riding Across A Field For Fuel..

    Alreeeet! I actually found some stones stuck to my engine when I got back from this trip which I'm sure are from that little section of roadworks, I misjudge how clever I am.. I mean the location of petrol stations & @Mr AusAdventure Skip to 3:47 ;)
  3. MiGlyRides

    General Fatigue Triva Games.. I'm Bad Xd

    In Australia there's signs with questions on them then a few k's down the road there's another sign with an answer, I am bad at QLD trivia! Also BALLSACK!
  4. 40Yrold

    Early April Va-tn-nc-ga Road Trip Twistie Tour

    Hi Setting up an early april 5 day road trip VA - TN - NC - GA. 2 dragons, hellbender28 and blood mountain in GA. please checkout the details. If you cant see the link bco group access.. please request it. or DM me. Some of us are planning a...
  5. MiGlyRides

    General Final Day Of S.e Aus Road Trip & Outro! Looking For Feedback.

    Alreet Peeps! I'd like to share my 1st video on here & would like some feedback on camera angle, audio quality, editing etc. This video is the last video from my South East Australia road trip, this series of video's are not the best for audio for 2 reasons, 1st bad mic placement and 2nd t's...