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  1. chrisw959

    The Honda Waiting For The Others

    So I was on the Stephen Sutton Ride Out (video soon) before heading to main meeting point I met up with a few wallers and other people I know. For a change I was the first one there. There was 16 of us that met up there first. Sat waiting Just a few of us.
  2. chrisw959

    General Dove Cottage Run 3

    I went out the 3rd Dove Cottage Run orhanised by Womanwolfrider. Was nice to put some faces to bikes as well as raise some money. We raised just over £500.
  3. chrisw959

    General Stephen Sutton Ride Out 2018

    This was 6th ride out from Lichfield Rugby Club - Burntwood Rugby Club. All the money raised goes to Teenage Cancer Trust.
  4. GaliotBear

    Feedback Needed Summer Ride Out 3.0

    Please give me your feedback to my last Summer RideOut Clip. Its one of my "musicclips" without speaking german.
  5. Lurch

    Infamously Calm Ride Out 2, 17th September, Glossop

    Motovlogger ride out this Saturday starting from Tesco in Glossop, Derbyshire. Be there for 11am, ride leaves at 11.30am (ish). Fuel station at the Tesco. Ride is 30 miles, and it's 10-20 miles back to civilisation after the end point for fuel planning.
  6. Seamus

    Cheshire Motovloggers

    Any other Cheshire motovloggers on here? In my last video on youtube (Shameless plug) I mentioned about how there isn't much of a biking scene in my local area and us motorcyclists and motovloggers need to come together more and do something! If there's any of you in the area who want to...

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