1. HippoDrone

    Review Beta Alp 4.0 - 500 Mile Review & Thoughts

    New vid goes live in an hour, hopefully catch some of you in the sidebar live chat!
  2. Which Bike

    Review KTM 790 Duke - Super fun - loved it.

    This was a cracking little bike. I really enjoyed it and felt it was more fun than the bigger nakeds by far.
  3. R-Rated

    Review If you $40k USD would you buy this bike?

    I am not sure about this bike. Seems to be priced too high for what the buyer would get.
  4. Theodor

    How Many Videos Do You Watch, Before Subscribing?

    Right, so as the title says, how many videos of a channel do you watch, before you subscribe? And what other criteria do you use, even if not consciously, when making the decision weather to sub or not. The reason why I started pondering over this, is that I have sometimes come across a good...
  5. R-Rated

    Review 2018 Indian Roadmaster Review

    This a big bike but handles quite nice. It is not the perfect bike but with its streamlined style, it is a unique motorcycle.
  6. R-Rated

    Review 2018 Indian Scout Review

    You folks may enjoy a bike that is very peppy:
  7. Jafnhaar

    Review Suzuki Gsx-r1000 Review

    Few months back I reviewed the NEW 2017 GSX-R1000!! Sweet bike. I was wondering if any of you do reviews and if so, have you had any dramas with getting a bike out on a test ride....??? Thank you in advance :D
  8. Meifesto

    Review Suzuki V-strom 650 Review

    Got my hands on a 2016 Suzuki V-strom 650 for a review. Really did my best on this one. Still room for improvement, but i'm getting noticable better and better. So, with out further hold up:
  9. Reize

    Review 2016 Honda Cbr150r (thai Ver.) Review

    I think I'm getting better at videography.
  10. AmpdMoto

    Review Cortech Super 2.0 Tank Bag Review

    My review of the tank bag after over a year of use. It is a great bag and is very well made. I would buy again without a doubt.
  11. HippoDrone

    Review 2017 Ktm 390 Duke

    My first impressions on my first proper ride of the 2017 KTM 390 Duke:
  12. Jafnhaar

    Review New 2017 Suzuki Gsx R1000 Review

    Reviewed the New Suzuki GSX R1000 for the 2017 year! I think it was only just released where I managed to bagsy a test ride :) Was very lucky and was by chance I got to have a go.... Had to put a deposit down of £1000 to be able to test ride it at the time :p Luckily no scratches ;):eek::D
  13. Joey Repo

    Review Qiuck Zx14r Review

    Hello fellow vloggers, check out my new video where I discuss a bit of my current bike a month and 2,000 miles later. I hope yall enjoy.
  14. Lazyman

    Sena Prism Tube, Mini Review

    So my camera finally came in!! Quick and dirty run down, the on board mic sucks.... horribly. Video has this funky quasi fish eye effect but actual quality is wonderful. Night video is great as well, took a few videos this evening, will eventually put them on my channel but will have music...
  15. ScootWook

    General Modding Out The Victory!

    Started to hook up my Vegas, exhaust and some forward controls! Loved the way they both came out, bike sounds and looks real nice!
  16. jthomas

    Review Can The R3 Handle Australian Roads?

    How well can the Yamaha R3 handle tough Australian roads?
  17. CodeNameAB

    Review 2017 Bmw G310r : Test Ride And Review

    So how does the all new BMW G310R perform? Like I said in the video, they have tried it to make it a beginner friendly everyday bike, meaning, it's smooth, relaxed, easy to ride, good for commuting and should also be good for occasional rides to twisties. The quality of the bike is at par with...
  18. HippoDrone

    Free Trackday For Someone Who Can Do A Vlog Review
  19. jthomas

    Review Gopro Hero 4 Session Review

    Review of the GoPro Hero 4 Session.
  20. Reize

    Review Shark Vancore Review

  21. LaneSplitr

    Review Fz-07 First Ride Review

    After riding the FZ-10 and the FZ-09, I round out my First Ride review of the FZ trio with the FZ-07. Enjoy!
  22. Reize

    Review 2006 Suzuki Drz400sm Review

    After a year fooling around on this bike I decided to do a review of my DRZ. It's a simple review, just outlining how it fares against a 2015 WR250X in my humble personal opinion. It shouldn't be any different against say a 2016-2017 DRZ since it's pretty much the same bike since 2005.
  23. MIcruiser

    Review Viking Cycle Ironborn Jacket Review

    The awesome folks over at sent me this jacket to review. Go check it out and let me know what you think.
  24. burlyjack

    Review Torch Jacket Heater

    Here I review, okay I ramble, about the Torch Universal Jacket heater. Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy!
  25. ScootWook

    Review 2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Ride And Review

    Hey everyone, been a minute since I posted something, vacation is really getting in the way of my motovlogging :P. Guys and girls, I bring to you a review and first ride of the crowning achievement of two wheeled technology. Truly a one of a kind experience which I will not forget. Watch me...
  26. IronicRbnd

    Review Yamaha Fj09 Ride Review

  27. R-Rated

    Review 50k Miles Review 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

    Some of you may be interested in how these big bikes hold up:
  28. LaneSplitr

    Review First Ride - Yamaha Fz-09

    It was a pretty interesting contrast riding this immediately after the FZ-10, but it's still a very desirable moto.

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