1. HippoDrone

    Guide Not My Vid but: How To Go Race Hare Scrambles.... ft Me! :D

    Shadetreesurgeon has put up an awesome vid on how to get into Hare Scrambles or Enduros, the advice is based on the USA, but it is very similar in the UK too so I imagine across the world! :) He also sneakily snuck one of my recent vids in to it so he gets a share on here for that, although his...
  2. MotoMisc

    General Motovlog From Sweden - Cbr F4i Race Fairings Fix

    Hi guys, new vlog for me up... sadly not a moto motovlog but anyway a garage and a motorcycle in frame :P
  3. x-sbk

    Eject.....shannonville Race Licence High Side

    Eject, Still a hard one to watch for me.. Long Story short, it's always the Crashers fault, could have been a lot worse. But with that said buddy did not listen to the instructor when he said if you are 1st fall back to last after each lap. Thank GOD for all the gear.
  4. IronicRbnd

    Funny Car Fires, Mercedes Race, Rage

  5. NastyEvilNinja

    Can Anyone Design Me A Race Team Logo?

    Do you want to see your design blasting around the race track on a single-seater car?? Here's your chance! Anyone who's been following my racing progress on 4 wheels may have seen I've become part of a newly formed race team called RTV - Racing Team Vee. As a part of this, we need a logo...
  6. Mosin636

    Serious Challenging A Challenger - Cbr600rr Vs Challenger

    I totally didnt race a challenger this is so not me and this bike reads in KMPH mot MPH so yea not that bad TROLLOLOL Instagram - Mosin636 Location - Lexington, KY Motorcycles - CBR600RR
  7. IronicRbnd

    Funny Wanna Race Porsche?

  8. SalvageSV

    General Motovloggers Go Karting

    Earlier this month, myself, @kryten and @Skarcrow went to the local indoor karting facility and did some racing and vlogging. Enjoy!

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