1. HippoDrone

    Guide How To Improve Your Video Quality On YouTube

    As discussed on another thread, thanks to @R-Rated for putting me on to this tip:
  2. AmpdMoto

    General Quality Over Quantity

  3. HippoDrone

    Youtube Quality

    Damn it, my latest video looks like crap. Can someone with knowledge and intel give me some settings for a GoPro4/5 Hero Black that will be awesome enough to not look like **** when uploaded on the tube of ewes please x This is a link to the video in question...
  4. Reize

    Microphone Audio Quality Comparison - Cheap Vs Expensive

    So I've always used cheap mics sourced from China that go for like $2 a pop, and recently one of my subscribers got in touch with me and lent me his 20 GBP Drift-S branded mic for comparison. So I did a little video for you guys below, for you to decide whether paying premium for a branded mic...
  5. Yamalash

    Best Quality Post-production I've Seen

    Just saw this Meddes video earlier and man.. How do you get footage to look this good?? I searched on here and followed a few Protune guide threads and nothing comes close. I shoot in 1080p ~30fps on a Hero4 Silver. I know some clips are from drone shots but the Gopro ones just look so nice. Not...
  6. Frootiboot

    Help! I Can't Get Good Youtube Quality!

    Alright man, I just got my first action camera and I'm getting seriously demotivated already. The camera that I am using is a Vikeepro 4k Action Camera. It is not a real GoPro, but the camera is not the problem. The videos themselves are recorded in 1080p 60fps, and they look absolutely stunning...

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