1. Elke0602

    I'm Back!

    Hi everyone! I hadn't posted a video in 4 weeks I guess? Partly because I took a well needed vacation. I have a lot more raw material then I would expect to have so soon after starting my vlogging. There's just not a lot happening... I finally ordered a mic! So pretty soon I can bore you all...
  2. IronicRbnd

    Funny Cops Vs Bikers?!?!

  3. JBH

    Funny Motorcycle Police Teaches Us How To Ride

    Had a great day performing all sorts of exercises under the close supervision and guidance of the local Motorcycle Police force!
  4. IronicRbnd

    Funny Parking Police Got Me?

    Should motorcycles pay for parking? full price?
  5. JBH

    General First Groupride + Encounter With The Police

    Join me on what was my very first groupride! And we immediately got acquainted with the local Police :D
  6. IronicRbnd

    Serious Crash Aftermath Footage

  7. IronicRbnd

    Serious Good Cop Or Bad Cop?


    General Random Clips #1

    This upload is my first random clips video. Short and sweet.

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