1. WingManGT

    General Going On A Short Parts Run And New Gloves

    Finally got some proper gloves and retired my old Spyke Alien pair. Good gloves but got torn without even falling in less than a season. I call that bs. Off topic: Its getting pretty tough to keep a schedule and balancing between, my girl, my day job and motovlogging. I'm gonna try and upload...
  2. Carmo

    General New Toys / Parts Installation

    G'day, I recently received and installed some bloody impressive looking new parts from Figure Machine USA and made a quick little music vid of the easily installation. Sit back and enjoy; Carmo.
  3. Reize

    So I Have A Bunch Of Drz 400 Sm Parts To Sell, Where?

    Anyone knows if there are any websites other than eBay I can list my stock DRZ speedo, and a pair of brake rotors for sale so I can reach US or EU buyers? There isn't much of a market for DRZ parts in Singapore due to it being phased out here, but I believe I can get someone to buy from the US.

    Buying Parts In Australia

    I'm looking for a slip on for my 05 zx6r and the tail tidy to go with it. I've looked online and haven't really found much, a bit but for my year not really. I would like to walk into a shop in Melbourne and see the products and talk to a real person about the fitment and such if possible...
  5. SalvageSV

    General Ebay Parts - Motovlog #8

    My take on how to approach eBay and other cheap aftermarket parts.

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