1. LaneSplitr

    Review First Ride - Yamaha Fz-09

    It was a pretty interesting contrast riding this immediately after the FZ-10, but it's still a very desirable moto.
  2. SeeItWithSimon

    General I Think You'll Love This - New Bike Reveal

    Hey guys. Not a vlog as such but a creative piece for my new bike reveal that was released a few weeks back. It's too good not to share with you. Would love any feedback, comments, likes, shares or subs. Hope you enjoy!
  3. QShifter

    Funny My First Mt-09 Tracer Test Drive ( Gone Wild)

    Hey, My friend bought an MT-09 Tracer, so called me and said why dont you ride it. MT-09 really took my mind :D that sound, that power ! Dont forget the open English CC
  4. Dark Rider

    Review Yamaha Mt-09 Tracer Review

    Did my first impromptu bike review a short while ago. I wasn't all that prepared as we were initially out to test Ducatis! I've always wanted to test ride the MT-09 but the dealer only had the Tracer which was the next best thing. Bike reviews are quite fun and I'd like to do a few more in the...
  5. motophonic

    Review Motophonic: 2015 Yamaha Fz-09 - Review And Ride

    Note sure how impressed the dealer will be when they watch this but hey, it wasn't my fault! ;)

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