1. cueball

    How to fit a speedo cable to your motorcycle

    Cueball Productions-how to fit a speedo cable to your motorcycle. Hi folks here's a quick and easy way to fit a speedo cable to your motorbike hope it helps enjoy. Like comment and SUBSCRIBE to the channel. Ride safe.
  2. chrisw959

    Tip For Spraying Your Chain

    Thought I'd share a quick tip on how I spray my chain by myself. I have a draw front under the side stand which lifts the front up by an inch or so. Then using and peice of random wood found behind the bins I prop it under the rack and push it onto the front wheel and then wedge the other end...
  3. 2WV

    Maintenance Bundles?

    Does anyone know the best place to get bike or even car maintenance kits from? Like; chain cleaning, bike washing, etc etc. - Basically a bundle of goods as opposed of buying everything separately.
  4. HippoDrone

    Motorcycle Silencer Repacking

    Hi, This short video shows how to repack an exhaust baffle for your silencer. This baffle type just has a bolt to undo to allow you to remove it, others are riveted in so would require drilling out (thanks @EDcase for the heads up).
  5. Matthew152

    Maintenance Costs?

    So I just had my CBR in for its first service, which does not involve checking/adjusting valves. Total came out to like $140CAD, which seems supah high. Curious to hear what you guys pay? Don't bother telling me to do it myself, I work on cars for a living, and the idea of turning a wrench...

    Zx6r Oil Change Video

  7. dandoolittle

    Motorcycle Maintenance Videos Are Allowed Here - But

    Motorcycle Maintenance Videos Are Allowed Here - BUT under the conditions of It's either you or someone else actually fixing or modding a bike The post with your video but also contain TEXT and write up of what the video is The video is NOT a vlog of you talking about a fix - It MUST show...
  8. Zedhead

    What Have You Done To Your Bike Today?

    Hi people as the title says, this is a thread for you to tell the forum what you have done to your bike today. Whether it was nothing, cleaned it, replaced the tyres, thrashed it to within an inch of its life, sat in the garage touching it inappropriately, whatever it was let us know. Cheers Zed.
  9. DansJaunts

    Would You Modify Your Bike?

    Story goes my ignition started to die on me - no wonder, it's more than 29 years old with a 50 something year old socialist technology. You need to do all the work yourself, no services. Aftermarket parts die quickly. Being an electrical engineer/tech maniac I came up with a simple solution...
  10. SalvageSV

    Guide Posted A Couple Of Maintenance Videos - Chain, Throttle

    Here are my recent two tutorial videos for chain and throttle adjustment. Enjoy!
  11. Motorpsych

    Motovlog Vs Maintenance And How To Videos

    Here's a question for those who create How-To videos like how to do maintenance on your bike videos, as well as motovlog. Which have you found gets more views on the long term? Do the maintenance videos in general start out slower, but overall get consistent watched? I imagine that you have a...
  12. Motorpsych

    Guide Bike Maintenance #1 Spark Plugs Without Removing Tank

    My first video ever, now I have a few more on this series and 2 more that are waiting to be edited. This first one the camera work is shoddy, but it'll get better.
  13. Lagartx3

    Does Anyone Here Use / Have Used Slime??

    hey guys, so, i'm from south america, Colombia actually, and Slime, a tire sealant aparently very popular in the states it's beggining to be shipped here, and im doubtfull wheter its a good or bad product, since all i watch on youtube are its Brand ads, and almost no real world use of the...
  14. ArtOfRoar


    Suuuuup all, It's getting cold up my end & I'm not looking forward to having to call it a season. Even still, it seems to be about that time to start planning on winterizing my baby. I'm looking for some good tips on what I need to do. This'll be my first time winterizing & I want my girl to...

Winners Video