1. chrisw959

    General Replacing Your Lid

    Another topic generated from the pub table. Whats your opinion?
  2. HippoDrone

    Guide Helmet Setup For Gopro Hero 5 & Hero 6 Black

    After my last audio improvement video I posted I was asked to do a helmetcam setup video so here it is:
  3. Ironside

    Led Recording Indicator In Your Helmet

    I used to have an LED on my skydiving camera helmet setup (called a Cam-Eye 2) although there was a Kickstarter for a go-pro led it seems the manufacturers haven't caught onto the obvious benefit of providing an indication of the camera status that could be mounted in a helmet. Am I missing...
  4. Demonik

    Dealing With Plosives And The Tradeoff With Wind Noise

    A little background: My Masters was Music Technology, Innovation and Production. With that, I work in Foley and Sound Design for Hollywood and video games. I'm not new to mics and working with costuming on and off set, so I'd like to get the most desirable voice quality for youtube viewers that...
  5. R-Rated

    Review Shark Evo One Modular Helmet - My Experience.

    This is my first product review. I hope this helps anyone looking for a modular helmet. Feel free to comment if you have one. What was your experience? Have Fun!
  6. Aleks

    I Dropped My Brand New Helmet Today...

    I was just about to set off from work today and my bike was covered in ice, so as I was talking to a colleague waiting for my bike to warm up I put my helmet on the seat out of habit, and the ice made my helmet slip of and hit the floor... Just wondering if the helmet will be OK to use as I...
  7. R-Rated

    Review First Impression Of Bell Qualifier Helmet

    Just a few quick notes on my new cold weather helmet...
  8. SHDXB7

    Gopro Helmet And Mic Setup Easy Guide

    Gopro Helmet and Mic Setup easy Guide For beginner motovloggers. I will be posting motovlogs based on providing cost and vlogging effective methods to make motovlogging more fun :)

    Guide Motovlog Helmet Camera Setup.

    I've got a new video up on my YouTube channel explaining my helmet camera and microphone setup. :)
  10. Bang Jo

    Gopro Dirt Bike Helmet Chin Mount

  11. RiderInRed

    Helmet Visor Sizes?

    So I got this helmet that has a white visor. It's got that easy lock/unlock mechanism and well I was wanting to swap it with another visor. Thing is, I can't find the brand online to order it fromt hem. Is there any standard visor size/measurement guide i could use to order something? Cheers...
  12. MrJoel

    Played With Some Black Reflective Vinyl And My Old Helmet

    gettin a video on how to do it once my hard drive cable comes in but here's without light hitting it, and with light
  13. mykb93

    Helmet Flag Stickers

    Just finished up a couple of helmet flags and now is your chance to have a pair for your lid. The American flag looks scratched up... it is... I crashed in this helmet at the race track but it still looks good. Let me know if you have any questions...
  14. Sidewinder

    Helmet And Riding Gear Cleaning And Care.

    I thought I would start a thread on the topic of. Helmet and riding gear cleaning and care. We have all had a bug splat on the face shield or on the jacket. And gear just gets stinky and dirty. So how does everyone go about cleaning and caring for your gear? Textile, leather, pads, Helmet...
  15. RangerRide

    Walteriffic Style Helmet?

    im looking to make a walterrific style helmet any one wanting to give me ideas im going to be using a gm11d
  16. Dan 53na

    What Helmet Bluetooth Intercom To Buy ?

    Guys I need some advice on what helmet com to buy. I need it mostly for driver to passenger communication. So far I haven't met any other motovloger in my area so i don't think I'll be doing dual vlogs any time soon. I have been looking some of the cheap ones on e-bay and if I would go with a...
  17. RangerRide

    A Good Solid Summer Dual Sport Helmet For Some One On A Budget?

    yo guys im looking for a helmet that works well with motovloging and is a dual sport helmet for the summer im from arizona so it basically summer all year long
  18. HDMOTO

    New Gopro + Helmet Setup

    I've just setup GoPro on my helmet with a chin mount and a microphone tucked inside. I made a hole on the side of the case for the mic adapter. I found a small M5 bolt for the mount instead of using the large twisty things. I glued the stick on mount to the chin of the helmet as I don't...
  19. Nasty

    Nasty's Helmet

    It's Not for everyone , it's for me :p I do get a lot of compliments on my helmet because of the horns. I always reply " it should of be a halo" JK ...just wanted to share a piece my style with u all.
  20. Carmo

    Rant How Can You Ride Without A Helmet Camera?

    G'day You just can't trust some motorists to act like the adults they supposedly are these days..... Carmo
  21. Motorpsych

    General Finding A Euro Fit Helmet, Best Mountain Roads Near Tokyo

    Has anyone found it difficult to find a "euro fit" helmet in other Asian countries? My friend from Canada had a hard time finding something that fit until this day. In this video I switch to voice over for the second half, as I was too busy riding and having fun to say what I wanted to say.

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