1. chrisw959

    Nothing needs to be said

  2. scottrod

    General New Video live! Oil filter from HELL & my bank holiday weekend!

    Whats up guys! Newest video dropped! Enjoy :D P.S @lupin I gave you a shoutout hahaha
  3. HippoDrone

    Harley Davidson Recalls 174,636 Motorcycles: Possible Brake Failure

    http://www.ridebrotherhood.com/harley-davidson-recalls-174636-motorcycles-possible-brake-failure/ It is good when bike manufacturers carry out a recall, it shows that they take safety seriously. It also sounds like HD are moving production to Thailand, lets hope that doesn't put folk off the...
  4. R-Rated

    General So, how did you celebrate the 1st of the year?

    It was too cold for all the kids to get out and play but we managed . . .
  5. AmpdMoto

    General Bye Bye Dyna

  6. R-Rated

    Funny Reshaping The Harley Biker Image

    So, after the Director and Assistant Director for the riding group failed to make the last three promos for the riding group, I made the promo with one of pals... About a week after I had this edited, the director said they wanted to come out of retirement to be in the promo. I said it was...
  7. R-Rated

    General Checking Out Cop Bikes And The Skills Course

    One of the Harley Owners Group rallies here in the US is just a couple of hours ride from my house. So my friend and I rode over to see what we might want to get into when things got going this weekend.
  8. R-Rated

    Review Harley Heritage Softail Classic

    Plus you get to see how many Harley riders it takes to load a motorcycle!
  9. R-Rated

    General The Ladies Of Harley Is Cool

    So did you know that Harley-Davidson supports women riders? The LOH is cool and does lead activities at times.
  10. LoneWolfer

    My Girl Michelle - 2009 Harley Nightster

    Just sharing a few pics of my ride, Michelle.
  11. R-Rated

    Hamming It Up With Harley Riders!

    I think it is interesting that HD tries to appeal to younger American riders by presenting serious looking people in ads and their website. It is like HD has not seen motovloggers in their native habitats out goofing off. Well, I am doing my part to show it is all not just scowling...
  12. J-R0j0!

    Motovlog Noob

    hey guys. Been riding for about 5+ years now. I want to be able to video my adventures. I have no idea where to start. I have a 2015 Harley Street 750, no aftermarket yet. Looking to put a forward facing and rider facing camera, also a mic (just a phone holder right now on the handlebars). What...
  13. R-Rated

    Review Harley Is Going After The Thrill Seekers

    This is perhaps an underestimated bike. I know I did not think it was capable of it. Also, since the model is so new to the lineup and I really wanted to get a review of it made - I had to get a bit creative and allow someone other than me to ride it. Oh well, whatever it takes sometimes . . .
  14. Stank

    New Motovlogger

    Hi all, I've been lurking here reading through threads and finding information. I ride a 2008 Harley Davidson Nightster, pretty much all stock. I'm not 'that Harley guy' that doesn't wave to all riders, I do! I don't care what you ride as we all have the love and passion for open roads and 2...
  15. R-Rated

    Review Harley Davidson's New Engine

    There maybe some of you that have seen reviews about or are thinking of getting one. Here is my take after spending some quality time with one:
  16. R-Rated

    General Proof Hondas And Harleys Can Coexist

    Greetings all, I realize that some riders thinks that Harleys only congregate around other Harleys. However, on a recent excursion into the asphalt plains I observed this! Pretty cool for a 3 hour long pick up ride!
  17. ScootWook

    Review 2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Ride And Review

    Hey everyone, been a minute since I posted something, vacation is really getting in the way of my motovlogging :P. Guys and girls, I bring to you a review and first ride of the crowning achievement of two wheeled technology. Truly a one of a kind experience which I will not forget. Watch me...
  18. R-Rated

    Review 50k Miles Review 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

    Some of you may be interested in how these big bikes hold up:
  19. Carmo

    Music Harley Vs Sand & Beers On The Beach ~ Music Video

    G'day, Needed to get out of the city for a little while recently and here's the little camping adventure I got up to. Enjoy!
  20. CVS

    Aussie Harley Rider

    Hey everyone, I'm ChrisVlogsStuff - I have been doing regular daily vlogs for the past few months and have just started adding motovlogs to the channel. Really excited about that!! Looking forward to being a part of this community :D
  21. Tash

    Feedback Needed [clickbait] Boobs

    As I now have your attention, please consder watching the 3 minute video below. I need some feedback. Especially on these aspects: - Colour work (I like going all instagram filter on things, the black bars fake a gimmicky cinematic look too) - Video length (I still think it's too long and...
  22. Carmo

    General Harley Haters | Why I Bought A Harley | Different Bikes For Different Riders

    G'day, The title says it all for this one Enjoy!
  23. Joshjay2

    My New Harley

    first real moter bike..better make sure I can ninja kick over it before I ride it
  24. Pooter

    Harley Motovlogger From Indiana Here!

    Hello everyone, My name is Pooter Stomper. I just started vlogging on my 2015 Harley Sportster 72. So far I have posted 3 videos to youtube and I'am having a blast so far. Im looking forward to talking with other motovloggers and getting tips and tricks along the way! Thanks everyone
  25. Lurch

    Harley Davidson Recall 27000 Bikes

    Thought I'd post this as there's a few on here who ride Harleys. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2016/july/harley-davidson-recalls-27000-bikes-clutch-problem/ 2016 models affected, list of bikes in the article.
  26. RidingWRon

    New Harley Motovlogger, Ridingwithron

    Hello all, I am new to Moto Vlogging as of a few months ago. I am a very long time rider going on 3 decades. In March of 2016 I was in a serious motorcycle accident Breaking many bones. Now 4 months later, surgery, PT, and $14,000 worth of damage to the bike. I took up Moto Vlogging, because...

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