1. R-Rated

    General Deer, Groming, and sidestand challenge!

    Got to love the little bikes!
  2. R-Rated

    General So, how did you celebrate the 1st of the year?

    It was too cold for all the kids to get out and play but we managed . . .
  3. Scootnfool

    Review Grom Review

    As a teeny tiny motorcycle, the Grom is awesome. There are some drawbacks to a shifty bike, but I never stall it at all on this test ride and review...well...almost never...well, a lot
  4. JohnnyGrom

    General Motorcycle Motovation

    For My 200 sub special I made this!!!
  5. Joshjay2

    No Grom Love

    would I be a horrible person if I picked up a used grom and so far I just find it uncomfortable to ride and coming from scooter switching gears is just not that thrilling, not all the fun I had hoped for ..maybe I'm just super lazy My back and wrist get sore on the grombut on my scoot it's ok...
  6. JohnnyGrom

    General Making My Grom Industructable

    Built a cage for my grom in this 4 minute edit check it out and leave comments on what you think!!
  7. Reize

    General Mt-03 And Grom Stunt Riding

    Not vlogging at the moment, I just managed to get a good corner and shoot footage of stunters. I apologize for the shakiness though. The GX-7 isn't a great camera for taking video by hand.
  8. MiGlyRides

    Funny I Take My Grom & Myself Off Road For The First Time!

    Alreet! So this is my first off road experience & not to pat myself on my back but I think I was VERY good at it! Any Feedback / tips on Offroading would be GREAT!!
  9. Mr fish

    Funny Honda Grom Road Rage Lol

    some might find this amusing , I did lol
  10. MiGlyRides

    Funny Migly's Got His Grom!! Finally

    Alreet, Here's my video of my new GROM, I finally got it after 3 months of waiting!, I hope you enjoy my reaction to riding this beast of a bike for the first time, I sure did!!
  11. JohnnyGrom

    General Please Give Input!

    I tried to improving my vlogs an videos with much better quality of video an better editing!! Please comment what you think!! Suggestions and complaints welcome!! Subscribe if you liked it! Its Free!!!
  12. JohnnyGrom

    General Wheelie Practice Edit!!

    Well watch and tell me what you think!! Subscribe if you want more!!
  13. RoadSprock

    Funny Honda Grom | Baffles Out | Bikes Back | Hooliganshenanigans
  14. JohnnyGrom

    General Have You Ever Done Stupid Stuff For Views? Haha

    I decided to try something stupid to get views. JK it looked fun and I used views as my excuse!!! Enjoy and Subscribe!!
  15. JohnnyGrom

    Funny I Aint No Hippy

    Watch and if you like Subscribe!!
  16. JohnnyGrom

    Funny Do You Want Half A Joint?

    Stuff that happens when you stop to help some fellow riders. Some of the nicest people.
  17. MiGlyRides

    Honda Grom New Styling / Coming To Oz!

    So the Honda GROM has not been available in Australia (except for importing yourself).. Inspired by @RoadSprock's Kawi post I thought I'd post about the new Grom look for 2016 / Australia introduction. What do you think of the new Street Fighter styling?? I personally did not like the big...
  18. JohnnyGrom

    General Giving Away A Grom!!

    Tell Me What You Guys Think Of This??? I had an idea to set a long term goal for my youtube of 250000 subscribers. To do this and keep my self motivated I made a video stating I would give away a brand new honda grom when I reached 250000 subscribers. Right now Im at 74 subscribers. (Like I...
  19. Ramblin'

    General Honda Grom 0-60mph....

    ....Well, not quite!
  20. RoadSprock

    The Kawasaki Grom Rival

    Anyone seen the new Kawasaki Z125? Looks like they've seen everything I wasn't keen on with the Grom and fixed it. (Tail, stock exhaust, frame) What's your thoughts???
  21. chix

    General Camera Giveaway, Duke Tuning, Grom Cross Country Ride

    I think I figured out how I want to do the giveaway, plus some other ramblings about what I've been up to and what is on the horizon.
  22. JohnnyGrom

    General Vlogging While Riding Twisties

    I tried vlogging while riding twisties. It came out great. Cheack it out AND... SUBSCRIBE!!
  23. Ramblin'

    General Giveaway! / Honda Grom 1st Time Off-road & Crash

    Watch me take the Honda Grom 'Mini Dual Sport' Off-Road for the first time whilst talking about a GIVEAWAY! :D It was way way too much fun!!! Even the crash was fun!! heheh GIVEAWAY DETAILS How To Enter: 1. SUBSCRIBE! (If you haven't already) No need to prove this (freedom) lol 2. SHARE this...
  24. BurntRuber

    Grom In A Elevator

    So my buddy totally road his grom into a elevator and I met him in at the top. I just put it in my new video. I wish the drz would fit
  25. JohnnyGrom

    General Grom Offroad And Getting Roosted!!

    Subscribe If you havnt!!
  26. Ramblin'

    General Honda Grom Crash And Off-road Teaser!

    Got a little too confident with the new mini dual sport Grom set up! ;) hehehe :D
  27. BurntRuber

    Funny Drz Crashes Into Grom

    so i crashed into my friends grom on my drz400. we also go one a walking trail/racetrack.
  28. JohnnyGrom

    General New 3 Part Adventure

    Went to the Salton sea to watch some drag races and offroad. Here's part 1!! Subscribe Like and Share!!

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