1. AmpdMoto

    General What Gear Do You Wear?

  2. burlyjack

    Review Torch Jacket Heater

    Here I review, okay I ramble, about the Torch Universal Jacket heater. Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy!
  3. CodeNameAB

    General First Gear Challenge | Bmw S1000rr

    How fast does the S1000RR go in first gear? Here is your answer! PS : This was the first time I recorded, edited and uploaded the video on the same day! :D
  4. lupin

    Review Mini Gear Review Update Thing.

    Just a update on some of the stuff I've been using
  5. Xconti

    New Winter, New Gear

    So, Winter is comming and with it, a lot of rain. For that I have been searching for a lot of information in order to replace my entering level motorcycle jacket. Some have the opinion that it's best to buy a normal jacket and then a shell to put over it. Others say only Gore Tex will do the...
  6. Reize

    Guide How I Setup My Motovlogging Gear

    This was really by request by one of my viewers, but I think it may give some of you guys ideas as well.
  7. JoshAFJ

    General Top Spammer Award And Gear Talk

    So last month I was the biggest post whore on! For real though I swear I didn't do it on purpose. I work in an office setting at a computer all day. I spend a lot of time on the internet! I also chat about what I think about riding gear and dun dun dunnnnnnn squids.
  8. RiderInRed

    Gear Shifter Adjustment

    Hey everyone, yet another question. Gear Shifter adjustment. How do you set it up? Right now I have it sitting at the same leve as the footpeg but since it's a sportbike I've come to think it isn't how it should be. I usually have to use my entire leg to shift the gear up since if I just tilt...
  9. Lurch

    Junior Gear

    Lurchette is wanting more and more to hop on the bike so went shopping. Bought jacket and trousers off a local FB group The larger of the two jackets!
  10. Sidewinder

    Helmet And Riding Gear Cleaning And Care.

    I thought I would start a thread on the topic of. Helmet and riding gear cleaning and care. We have all had a bug splat on the face shield or on the jacket. And gear just gets stinky and dirty. So how does everyone go about cleaning and caring for your gear? Textile, leather, pads, Helmet...
  11. SevenCube

    Gear Shift Issue

    My KTM RC390 has this issue with the gear shift. While standing still and I try to shift from 2nd to neutral, the gear shift indicator shows no number. Same from 1st to neutral. I can't seem to get it into neutral and show 0. I got the bike back from service today and they said that that's how...
  12. JonJeoprdy

    General This Weeks Mvlog: Gear Or Not?

    Let me know your thoughts and opinions. As always feedback is appreciated!
  13. RangerRide

    Post Your Gear Wishlists? heres mine checkit out and post yours and give feed back?
  14. DRider

    Motorcycle Moving In Gear Without Clutch Pulled In?

    Hi everybody, A week ago, I was involved in a collision with my 2000 Suzuki GSX600F. Car pulled out in front of me and I went into the back of them. Thankfully I had slowed right down, but the hard fall onto the left side of the motorcycle split my starter clutch cover and lost all the bike's...
  15. Aleks

    I Am A New Biker, What Is Some Good Advice For Me?

    So I am 16 and I am currently on a moped, I have only been riding for 7 months so I am obviously very inexperienced. I am just wondering if I could get some advice on anything that would help me out please? Safety tips, gear/bike essentials, etc. and I am very interested what everybody has to...
  16. dandoolittle

    British Police Issue Ufo Motor Cycle Chest Back & Arms Protector

    Although I didn't buy these. They look great for road use. I was tempted but I wanted race armour Good enough for the police ha This listing is for a Genuine British Police Issue UFO Motor Cycle Chest Back & Arms protector - NEW Genuine British Police issue UFO Motor bike upper body...

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