1. LaneSplitr

    Review First Ride - Yamaha Fz-09

    It was a pretty interesting contrast riding this immediately after the FZ-10, but it's still a very desirable moto.
  2. Jon Bean

    General Quick Fz-09 Review!

    Finally got to 600 miles and changed the oil and thought I would do a small review of what I think of the bike so far
  3. ShadowFly

    Who Here Has An Fz-09?

    I know I love mine! what's your year and color? What do you think of the throttle?
  4. motophonic

    Review Motophonic: 2015 Yamaha Fz-09 - Review And Ride

    Note sure how impressed the dealer will be when they watch this but hey, it wasn't my fault! ;)

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