1. dandoolittle

    80mph And France Road Works Resulted In...

    So I took my GSXR to Switzland, France and Germany, a little bit of Italy as well The last night we didn't trust the hotel so left back for the UK a day early. All was going well until I hit a cone, jumped the bike and thought 'that was lucky' Until a couple of days later when I got to wash...
  2. HippoDrone

    Europe On My Lil V7 Guzzi

    When I left the Royal Navy and having a job sorted with a bit of time spare in between I decided to bite the bullet and go do somit I'd wanted to do for years: A trip round Europe. I got the ferry from Dover to Calais then travelled through France to Switzerland, down to Italy then back through...
  3. NomadLad

    General Trip From Dublin To France Ep.02: Paris!

    Thanks for watching!
  4. NomadLad

    General Post France Update Video

    Hi all, Here's a quick update video I uploaded since my trip across France, been so busy since my trip haven't been able to edit any content, now have hundreds of hours of footage to get through! :confused: Few teaser clips in this though
  5. NomadLad

    General Bike Trip To France Plans!

    Hi Lads, Here's a quick video about my planned trip from Dublin, Ireland to the French Alps this August! Enjoy. As always any constructive criticism is more than welcome!
  6. sebouille

    Hello From France !!

    Hi i come from France. I started motovlog this year with my goprohero 3 and 2 bikes : suzuki gsf 1200 bandit from 1996 yamaha 600 XJN fron 1998 Ride SAFE and CAREFULY is my only way to ride. I'm 36 and i drive bikes since 16yo My first vlog : seb gx on youtube :)
  7. TRB

    Hello From France!

    Hi everbody, I am THE RIJSEL BIKER, most of the written TRB, and I have joined the great family of bikers last year, and now, I am joining the motovlogging community since I had a GoPro for Xmas. About me, I am from Lille, France, also known as 'Rijsel' which is its old name, and I'm actually...

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