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  1. chrisw959

    General First Ride: 2018 Honda CBR125R

    So here's a new series for the channel. Yes I am aware Chase and TMF uses the title but Spicy uses First Impressions. Hopefully I can my hands on a few more bikes for 30 mins at a time. Won't give to much away but I was impressed
  2. F4celess

    General First Vlog of the year, Question about future content

    Man this winter has killed me with delaying my season, After seeing @MotoAdventureMe's Mic Shootout I got the Audio Technica mic and boy did it transform my audio quality. So thanks for that. I need to experiment a bit with my format to see what works going forward. I want to try doing several...
  3. motophonic

    Review First Ride: Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory - Super Naked Monster!

    Werd up peeps! It's been a year, happy to be back participating at :) Full disclosure, this is more a quick first ride, versus full review. Amazing bike, a bit chuggy in 1st gear low rpm. Begs to be pushed. Hoping to get back on this bike when the weather improves, along with the...
  4. JBH

    General First Ride On My Brand New Z900

    Check out my very first ride as I receive my bike at the dealership!
  5. LaneSplitr

    Review Fz-07 First Ride Review

    After riding the FZ-10 and the FZ-09, I round out my First Ride review of the FZ trio with the FZ-07. Enjoy!
  6. Flyboy

    Snow Riding Fun!! My First Ride

    This was my first ride on my new KTM EXC.
  7. LaneSplitr

    Review First Ride - Yamaha Fz-09

    It was a pretty interesting contrast riding this immediately after the FZ-10, but it's still a very desirable moto.

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