1. HippoDrone

    General First Ride with the Delkevic Exhaust | Triumph Street Triple 765

    So I snuck out on the Triumph Street Triple 765R the other day to find out what the new exhaust sounded like, and it sounds bloomin awesome by my accounts. Thank you Delkevic and Triumph for making such lovely things!
  2. HippoDrone

    Changing the Exhaust on a Triumph Street Triple 765 R [LRH]

    Triumph state it takes 12min to change the standard silencer to the Arrow on their bike configurator. Although the Yoshumura is different to the Arrow, it is still a very similar job, the only real difference is that I had to fit the link pipe whereas the Arrow is all one unit as it has a...
  3. HippoDrone

    Exhaust De-cat And Silencer Fitting Guide

    Fitting the LeoVince Pro Racing Slip On Exhaust and De-Cat Pipe along with some comments on QC with it to a 2017 KTM 390 Duke:
  4. HippoDrone

    Review 2017 Ktm 390 Duke - Ride By Noise Test

    With original silencer and with the Leo Vince Pro Racer slip on exhaust and de-cat pipe.
  5. R-Rated

    Funny Me Out Trying Something Different . . .

    So with the other guys in the riding chapter giving me a bit more freedom to come up with promo videos, I decided to try this. Our next meeting is where we have our annual burger and brats dinner. Here is a twist on preparing the meat . . .
  6. ScootWook

    General Modding Out The Victory!

    Started to hook up my Vegas, exhaust and some forward controls! Loved the way they both came out, bike sounds and looks real nice!
  7. HippoDrone

    Motorcycle Silencer Change - How To

    Again just like the brake pad change, this is a task anyone should be able to carry out (providing no defects in the parts) ;-)
  8. CodeNameAB

    General Tamingtherr #1 | How The Day Began In Germany | S1000rr | Pure Exhaust Note | May 2017

    Starting the new series called TamingTheRR where its only exhaust note and no talking (inspired by Schaaf). Hope you have fun watching.
  9. CodeNameAB

    General Some Cornering Fun In Ardennes | 500 Subs Thank You | Pure Exhaust Note

    You all have made it possible Thank you!
  10. HippoDrone

    General Moto Guzzi V7 - Sound Test/drive-by

    A quicky sound test of my guzzi: Just the paint to sort now! :-)
  11. CodeNameAB

    General Bmw G310r Pure Exhaust Note | Acceleration & Top Speed Test

    This baby BMW seems to be quite a capable bike. Sounds pretty decent for a single cylinder (better than Duke 200/390 in lower revs) and as you saw, one should be able to reach a topspeed of 160kmph on speedo on a longer stretch and in better weather conditions! Apart from that, the bike is...
  12. CodeNameAB

    General Ardennes | Belgium | S1000rr | Pure Exhaust Note

    [Headphones Recommended] I had some unused footage from Ardennes ride last autumn so here it is for all to enjoy. Just to add, it was my first time on those roads so it was just a scouting ride to know good curvy roads in that region. The exhaust note was captured with Zoom H1. This was...
  13. CodeNameAB

    General Riding With My Brother [part 1] | Harley Davidson Street 750 | Vlog + Pure Exhaust Note | India

    So a sportbiker rides a harley hehe It was just a short ride with my brother in India before flying back to Belgium. I blab about a lot of stuff and you also get some decent exhaust note to listen to. Hope you enjoy!
  14. CodeNameAB

    General Z800 Pure Exhaust Note | Pillion Vlog | India

    If you are interested only in exhaust note skip to 1:16 In my previous video, you saw us going to meet a few of our friends and this is the ride back. Hope you enjoy the music from Zoom H1 and some more filtering fun and chaos :D If you have any questions related to Zoom, please let me know.
  15. Dark Rider

    Removing Some Baffles From My Exhuast

    I decided it was time to try out some simple mods to my exhaust. I bought a cheap stock can online and then gave it over to my mechanic to cut open and remove some baffles. The cat is still in place as well as a few other baffles.
  16. MotoCafe

    General Episode 2 Uploaded - Exhaust Tip

    Please check out Episode 2 of Moto Cafe and leave comments for me below the video. Also click the Subscribe button if you want to see other vlogs as I upload them (about 1 per week). Check it out here:
  17. CodeNameAB

    General 2014 Bmw S1000rr Walkaround | Stock Exhaust Rev

    Here is a video about the features of the bike, stock exhaust rev and a very brief review of BMW tank and tail bags. There will be another video on good and bad things about the bike and what its like to own one :) By the way, that was my Dark Knight voice in the end :D
  18. S

    External Mic For Gorpro Hero 4 To Catch Exhaust Sounds, Help Please

    Hi, Has anyone here wired up a external mic and run the cord to their exhaust to capture the crisp exhaust notes, I have a Gopro Hero 4 and was hoping to run a cord from the gopro to somewhere near the exhaust, at the moment I suffer from some serious wind noise from using just the gopro...
  19. Dark Rider

    Guide External Exhaust Mic

    Heres a quick video of my exhaust mic test. Let me know what you guys think.
  20. Motorpsych

    General New Exhaust Sound Comparison

    What do you all think of the sound? Baffle, or no baffle.
  21. HDMOTO

    Buying Parts In Australia

    I'm looking for a slip on for my 05 zx6r and the tail tidy to go with it. I've looked online and haven't really found much, a bit but for my year not really. I would like to walk into a shop in Melbourne and see the products and talk to a real person about the fitment and such if possible...
  22. SalvageSV

    Guide Danmoto Exhaust Install

    Just posted my muffler install video. I included a link to jump to the sound clips and comparison to the stock exhaust.