1. burlyjack

    Review Torch Jacket Heater

    Here I review, okay I ramble, about the Torch Universal Jacket heater. Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy!
  2. Scootnfool

    General Riding In The Cold

    Riding a motorbike in the winter may seem crazy, until you realize, people ride snowmobiles, so what's the big deal? A cold commute, and some thoughts about tires, winter riding safety, and being kind to others.
  3. Mosin636

    General Cold Ass Ride To Walmart

    Taking the CBR out on a date to walmart in the 28 degree weather shes just so pretty i gotta take her out n show her off. Instagram: Mosin636 Motorcycle: CBR600RR Location: Lexington, Kentcuky

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