1. chrisw959

    A Lighter Wallet

    As much as I love Amazon for having pretty much everything a need it dosen't half end up draining my account. Thought I'd give the WD40 stuff a shot cause lets face it standard WD40 is great for everything else so I have expectations.
  2. chrisw959

    Tip For Spraying Your Chain

    Thought I'd share a quick tip on how I spray my chain by myself. I have a draw front under the side stand which lifts the front up by an inch or so. Then using and peice of random wood found behind the bins I prop it under the rack and push it onto the front wheel and then wedge the other end...
  3. Belerophon

    Funny Lube Chain Fail!!

  4. Reize

    Cleaning And Lubing Chain Without Center Or Paddock Stand

    Getting a DRZ400SM soon. Thing doesn't have a center stand. So wondering how you guys get your bike's rear wheels lifted with home made objects and contraptions?
  5. SalvageSV

    Guide Posted A Couple Of Maintenance Videos - Chain, Throttle

    Here are my recent two tutorial videos for chain and throttle adjustment. Enjoy!

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