1. HippoDrone

    General Motovlogging History: Caernarfon Castle - Wales

    I love riding bikes, and I love visiting castles.... here I do both! :)
  2. HippoDrone

    General Chasing The Sunrise: Dawn At Deal Castle

    I had planned on completing an "Iron Butt Challenge" for this ride, but ye gods were against me.... Still, it was bloomin awesome to get out and go on an adventure travelling to the East Coast of the UK to watch the sun come up.... and with the added bonus of hitting 3 flippin awesome castles on...
  3. HippoDrone

    Guide English Heritage Motovlogs - Pevensey Castle

    It was such a treat to visit this castle, it has so much history in and around it with sieges and invasions in the areas around it. The fortification dates back 1600 years but was used as recently as World War 2
  4. HippoDrone

    Guide English Heritage Motovlogs - Bramber Castle

    I'm starting a new series in my motovlogs, it will take us to many of the awesome castles found throughout the UK. This is the first and it takes us to Bramber Castle in West Sussex:
  5. HippoDrone

    General Chasin The Sunset....

    Sometimes a fail, isn't a fail. This was one of those times! :)
  6. HippoDrone

    General Taking The Long Way Home.....

    This has taken a wedge of editing, had around 4hrs from this rde to edit down, I hope you enjoy...
  7. HippoDrone

    General A Little Bit Of Me.... (2of3)

    I take you for a tour around Arundel cathedral, castle, museum and pub! :-)

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