1. chrisw959

    Review Scala Rider Qz

    So I thought I'd make something a little different. If you'r more into reading then I did a review over at MobileTechTalk (find it here)
  2. Vikas

    Cardo Packtalk Connecting Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack

    hello all , can some one throw light on how we can connect the Cardo Packtalk with SENA Bluetooth Audio Pack ( for go Pro ) . my intension is to record the Vlog from Gopro , but the audio will go via the CArdo Packtalk helmet communication device.
  3. WingManGT

    Bluetooth Mic

    Hi guys, I'm yet to start making vlogs as the roads around here are still covered in snow and ice. I'm using this to work on my setup, currently I have a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 which will be chin mounted in the next couple of days. This cam supports Bluetooth microphones which is one of the main...
  4. VinCulprit

    Funny Laughter And A Short Vlog

    wait wrong one.... Okay so this is just a bad video I did with the go pro software. No audio, as the stupid sena died.... lesson learned get a lapel mic.... then a short vlog test with audio yay! Nothing really going on in the video. Sadly after 30 minutes I cut it down to 2 minutes ha...

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