Where Do You Park?


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Jul 6, 2016
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Depends on the State. Here in FL if they don't have secure parking, I park next to the building or store. When I am home, in my garage.


May 16, 2016
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I nearly got a ticket from a rent a cop recently. Basically the guy had nothing better to do and felt like being a dick. I was parked on the sidewalk around the corner from any major entrance , and luckily I was eating outside (because I do like to keep an eye on my bike in certain areas where I know dick-heads concentrate) he tried to tell me I was blocking a gas line, but couldn't point out exactly where it was, I just moved it to a striped spot and he left it alone.

Other than that I haven't had much trouble on sidewalks or striped spots. I'll usually just park where it makes sense.
Full parking lot: side walk or striped space
Empty parking lot: maybe take a space maybe not.
Hot and sunny or raining: Find something covered, tree, building overhang, etc.


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Feb 18, 2016
Birmingham, AL
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I actually took advantage of the bike's parking ability for the first time recently. I parked just around the corner from the main entrance of a big box store alongside the fire lane (but not in it). I got some looks.


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Jul 6, 2016
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in NJ only place we can park is in a parking space


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Jul 18, 2016
Central Texas
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I'll never park in a handicapped striped area or an area that'd block someone with a stroller or wheelchair from getting out or by. I been told by other bikers and property owners that we can (Central Texas) park near the side of a building on the side walk if it has a Bike rack. I learned this by doing Monkey see monkey do and copying a guy who did it before me.

I also park is outlined white and yellow areas as I've been told by security that we can park there. If nothings around I just pick a spot in the lot and park up, mainly at Walmarts or other supermarkets. It'd be nice if every place one day sets aside 3 or more spaces just off to the side for Motorcycles :) I can dream right hehe


Jul 29, 2016
Norfolk VA
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In the US if it's tagged and registered you have every right to a full parking space.

Military bases usually have designated motorcycle parking (next to bldg and piers) so highly encouraged to use it.

But if I use a full spot I leave room for another bike.


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Aug 31, 2016
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Where is it legal to park a motorcycle? Some places have designated spots for motorcycles but what if there isn't a place? Probability of getting a ticket parking right next to the doors at walmart?
As much as I hate parking in stalls designed for cars, I still do it...If you park anywhere else in a private lot you risk getting towed out of there...if on public property you risk ticket and tow...Probably best to just park where recommended. Ive seen bikes get hauled off after parking next to a building (Target).


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Sep 22, 2016
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Here in my lovely state of Victoria in Australia we have legal foot path (sidewalk) parking.

So I just park wherever the hell I like.
Plenty of dedicated motorcycle parking in Sydney so I don't have to worry. Some are timed zones like 2h parking so always keep an eye on street signs.

Number 1 place I park is always for dedicated bike parking, however on occasion I need to park in car spaces. Some shopping centers actually have free parking for everyone, then it just becomes a matter of sussing out if there is zoned parking for bikes or if you need to take a car space. I always try to be considerate in that case. When I'm riding with mates we usually stack up 2-3 possibly 4 bikes in a single car space (even though technically speaking car spaces are legally meant for one vehicle occupancy only).

Worst I've had is I parked at the rear of the shopping center I work at in a car space (which I am legally allowed to do by the way). Midday/ 1 o'clockish my bike gets vandalized by some nut looking for parking on Christmas eve and most likely had a rage fit. Find one of my mirrors twisted, scratch marks on the front fender (probably because the person drove into my bike) and key marks right next to the seat leather, found the bike upright when I clocked off work 4 hours later not in the same space I parked it covered in dust. I didn't bother getting the security footage because at the end of the day the bike still worked, touched up the very subtle scratch marks and it would have cost me more to open a police case and pay legal fees to prosecute the asshole that did that than it was to fixing up the bike. All in all, most places should have dedicated parking to avoid the mess I was in last Christmas.

Christmas does some weird shit to people.


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Oct 10, 2016
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I find the white striped zones that are to small to be a spot for a car are perfect for a motorcycle. Nobody seems to care and they are usually at the end of the isles which makes them close to the doors to the stores. I used to park up on the side walk but more people seem to give dirty looks and seem biter about it so I started parking out farther so nobody would "accidentally" knock my bike over.


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Dec 17, 2016
South West
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I park out of site and hope no one steels it...but thats bristol for you


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Sep 14, 2016
Buckinghamshire, UK
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Bike parking is dumb in my local town. One carpark has no facilities for bikes, and you will get fined for parking in a car space. However I've been told it's fine to park in the yellow 'no parking' zones, and I watched a parking warden walk past 2 bikes parked in a disabled bay :p

The carpark down the road has specific bike spots but you need a ticket. Where the hell am I supposed to put a parking ticket on my bike without it getting nicked or blown away?!?

But to hell with all that, I park where I fit. Mostly on the pavement, where it won't inconvenience others i.e. pedestrians. I say that as if consideration for others is my main concern but really I just down want people scratching it or knocking it over :D


Dec 20, 2015
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My town has some dedicated spots for bikes on the street, but they are few and poorly located. I noticed a spot outside of McD where all the scooter folks parks their mopeds unhindered, even though its a car spot. Its like an unwritten rule that they can stay there.
At home I park my bike further up a footpath from the actual parking area. More secure that way.


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Sep 21, 2016
Cincinnati, OH
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We have some spots in the city which is awesome. They are actually only meant for a few bikes but we shove like 20 in each area lmao

I just park in a lot at work. No special treatment here :(


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Sep 16, 2016
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At parking spots OR on the sidewalk(most times on sidewalk or close to the store/office I am in :D
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