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Mar 5, 2016
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If you need extra battery power while on the road, I just bought this portable charger. Currently discounted 87% :eek: Got to be worth a punt.

p.s. If it's sold out I'm sure there's others available elsewhere on amazon.
Yeah man, those are super helpful. I have one that gets me 6 charges on my Note 4.
I just put music on, the sat-nav and shove it in the backpack to charge.

I dont know if it's quick and strong enough to last me the whole week long trip.

I think the only solution here is getting a 12v socket on my bandit.
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Nov 21, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
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This is something that could do with some discussion and topics.

To kick it off, I've done a few tours with other motovloggers and have found the following are things that need to be planned for and considered:

Uploading whilst on tour: I've never tried uploading until I get home - I spend too much time on the reviewing and editing for that to work for me. If anyone has experienced trying to upload whilst on the road maybe they could share their stories here?

From my experiences, essential things are:
  • a laptop plus an external drive to drop everything off the camera cards, maybe a few times per day.
  • Spare memory cards, spare batteries PLUS usb power from the bike PLUS an external 20 hour battery (can use it to boost battery life during eating stops without a power supply).
  • Don't forget headphones for editing in public places or late at night in shared rooms etc.
  • Bring all your chargers and a power board with 4 to 6 outlets.

if anyone would like to see the results of my tours just click on my channel link in my signature and there are playlists for the tours on my channel.

Ride safe everyone :)
Hurry up and come tour down here ;)


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Jun 15, 2016
Burlington, NC
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Sometimes I go out for 2 weeks at a time on my annual Epic Rides. I don't try to Edit on the road, but I do make 'edit remarks' in my recording of video so that I'll remember something that I may forget 3 weeks later when I'm editing. I do Cameras, Batteries, Powerbanks, Chargers, and around 300gb worth of micro sd cards. No dumping just record, and charge. Dump and edit when I return home.

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Feb 22, 2017
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2014 Honda CBR600RR
As I've only toured on a supersport so far, my bags have been packed to the max and there's no room for a laptop. I also like to explore and enjoy the area I'm in rather than doing any video work outside of the shots I'm trying to get. I've been using a little 3 inch x 3 inch x 1" RAVpower FileHub device that is a wireless travel router, micro SD card reader, can stream (though poorly for high quality video, so I don't use this function at all), transfers files from the device to an external HD using an app on your phone via wifi generated from the device, and is also a backup battery to charge stuff.

Every night I'd move all the files from my micro SD cards onto a small 2 TB external HD to free up 4 60g cards for the next day. If I'm running out of space before I get to my destination, I'll start to transfer as I'm riding with the RAVpower device, phone (as the interface) and external HD in my tank bag (whole transfer setup uses 1 cord between the RAVpower and the HD). Very lightweight and does the job. All for underr $40 for the RAVpower.

Also use Wasabi batteries and have had zero issues.
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Zetetic R

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Feb 22, 2017
I ride a
2014 Honda CBR600RR

Here it is in the attached image. The bottom black rectangle is a battery pack I use to charge my batteries/phone while I'm riding. The silver Seagate is a 2TB external HD and the small RavPower next to it is the device I use to transfer the files from my micro SD cards (that get inserted) to the HD. The tool missing is my phone. The free app from RavPower connects to the little device via wifi generated from the device. The app provides a computer-like interface, so I'm able to choose the files and transfer them over to the HD. They all go into my tank bag while riding. You can also stream via the app and the generated wifi but it's slow and choppy for high quality GoPro footage.

A full 60g card can take a couple of hours to transfer.

I'm able to charge from my bike battery as well, but I haven't used it yet as the battery pack has been more than sufficient for a full day of charging everything.
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Aug 17, 2014
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Quite a funky setup there!

I carry an Asus X200MA Notebook: 11.6", 1.2kg including battery, USB 3.0, 500GB hard disk, card reader.

Charging spare batteries for the cam via USB socket on the bike. I could switch to permanent power for the cam via USB cable, but haven't tested the setup yet.

Always transferring the files from the microSD to the laptop when in the hotel.

And to be honest, I do not fancy editing while travelling. After a 500-600 km ride I want to relax, explore the area, take a few photos and recharge my batteries.


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Sep 15, 2017
Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Hey guys! I just wanted to add my 2 cents as we recently just returned from a 9 day trip up through Canada and the east coast. I have a GoPro Hero5 Black that I do all of my video recording with. I made sure I had 2 batteries for it and a dual charger, as each one lasts about an hour and a half at 1080p 60fps. I also had three 128GB chips for it, so I could just rotate through them. I expected up to 3 hours of video per day (that's what both batteries could give me on 1 charge). At the end of the day, I made sure that both GoPro batteries were charging, and that's really all I needed for the camera equipment. I do have an added cigarette lighter with dual USB ports for charging on my bike from our last year's camping adventure too, so I could charge my phone, bluetooth, etc. It was all super light, and not much camera equipment to worry about and pack.

  • GoPro Hero5 Black
  • 2 GoPro Batteries
  • GoPro Dual Charging Dock
  • 1 USB-C charging cable for GoPro
  • 3x 128GB memory chips
  • Protective, waterproof MicroSD card case
  • Cigarette lighter with dual USB charging ports
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