Go Pro & Handle Bar Mounts

My mirrors seem tight to the fairing. I will investigate more when I get home. 7 more days in the oil patch and then home for 5 weeks vacation. In the meantime here is where I place my clamp.View attachment 5753

That's a good spot, and it brings the camera up so you don't have such a severe upward angle for your "rider view". On my Street Glide, that same clamp only goes on upside-down, so the gooseneck has to be bent as much as possible to get the camera upright again.

I did have a mount, vert similar to the one on the first link, in the first post. It came with a cheap gopro knock off and I did use it few times, to put camera on crash bars like so:

Now, my bike does not have the vibration issue that R-Rated mentioned, but it does have a rubber seal\dampener in. Could it be that the ones that broke, actually were overtightened, so the plastic was under too much tension?
Yeah, that does look quite close, you def don't want to fit anything that can get caught or restrict steering movement! :)
It's more of a fact that it doesn't appear to allow me to spin out the mirror without moving the fairing out of the way. The fairing is mounted on the bars and not fixed, so it moves with the bars. No fear of and restricted movement.
Yeah I'd love to figure out a better way to mount my Hero 7 to my bars, something higher, because I'd love for the camera to be pointing up less.

I did a quick Google of Goldwing GoPro mounts and came up empty, but I had this thought ... you could use a sticky mount [like on your helmet] and and arm or something to go off the windshield or fairing. From what I've read, you can remove the GoPro mount and its sticky double-sided tape pretty easily.

Don’t need to worry I love Harley. In the beginning Vibration damper use RAM mounts. Let's go to handlebars so you need a cheap and good one. Check these handlebars they are too good and not expensive you can easily afford this.
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Hi Folks,

has anyone gambled with the cheap handlebar mounts on amazon for phone and go pro as opposed to quadlock etc?

I am more worried about the go pro mount atm, would love to have rider facing footage for next few vids.

Considering these;

Go pro Handle bar Mount

Go Pro Handle bar mount 2

My only worry is no vibration damper, and I own a harley :/

had a quick search on forum but didn't see much in the way of specifics previously.


I actually use the one form the 2nd link, although my bike has no where near as much vibrations as yours as its just an sv650. Does the job fine for me though! seems quite sturdy!

How are you getting on with the SV650 long term?
I'm loving it as a commuter bike, quick enough to have fun on, and small and agile enough to weave in and out of traffic.. not a massive fan of long journeys though, went to cheddar gorge on it (6 hr round trip) and was pretty achey the next day haha

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