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Mar 23, 2020
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why such a low bitrate?
Not sure, it just seemed to work fine for me.

I encoded two videos this week at 45mbps instead of my normal 36mbps and while it increased file size a little bit I couldn't really notice much improvement in visual quality. Maybe it will look better once I upload to YT? I'll try it for a couple videos and see if I notice any benefits.


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Aug 14, 2020
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I uploaded 2 videos today, and they totaled about 8GB. My "posted to YouTube" folder on my computer says that all my videos combined are 325GB.

A lot of my earlier ones are smaller, because I used a lower MB/S encoding when I rendered them. The biggest ones are 10.5GB and 11.5GB, with a lot in the 6-9GB range, especially my "short film" ones with lots of effects.

I have been doing research and it's sounds like YouTube may penalize us is we make the encoded bitrate too high. I have been trying to find the sweet spot on bit rate for YouTube where YouTube says okay.

I am trying to find the sweet spot for rendered bit rate. Right now I have been playing with the average bit rates between 19mb/s and 30 mb/s (1080p60fps) in hopes that YouTube won't ultra compress my files upon uploading.

Please take this with a grain of salt because this research was from other YouTube channel comments sections and also a couple videos that talk about this topic. :)
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