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May 2, 2021
New Hampshire
I ride a
2020 RPS Hawk 250
I've been riding for about 4 5 years but only the cruisers or Naked bikes and never been on any sports bike. and Nah don't have ergonomic considerations I just want to learn to ride a sports bike for some weekend funs. what would you recommend?

I'm gonna be bold and call out a specific bike - Suzuki SV650. The 600s may be smaller displacement but often are of the "race ready" variety and as such can be a bit spicy. The SV650 is more even tempered. It's a tad small for me at 6'4" but it was on my radar for a long time, I just never pulled the trigger
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Aug 17, 2020
I ride a
Suzuki Hayabusa
Harley Davidson Dyna Fatbob
Thank you guys I have been riding my friend's ninja 400 and it is quite a good bike I have ridden the GXSR 600 as well but it is hard to get a clean one under my budget so I think I have to stick to the ninja for a while learn the leaning and handling and then jump to any other bigger engine. I am looking to buy a Tank bag for the ninja and my friends suggested to have a look at the but I am not sure that would it be a fit on my bike? I do check the YT and there is a video that said that it is for the sports bike in general.
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