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  1. RiderInRed

    I Present You The Black Fury R1

    So recently I hada thread about jumping from 200cc to 1000cc. Long story short, I bit the bullet and this bad boy is in my garage already. I've gotten to ride it very little since it's already winter (luckily though I got snatch it off from the seller for a lower price due to this). What it...
  2. Captain

    General Yamaha R1 Insurance

  3. Captain

    General Why I Bought A Yamaha R1

    I've put together a short video to try and explain why I felt the need to purchase a third motorcycle, this time its a 2009 Yamaha R1
  4. Tugboat

    Tugboat Has A Update!

    A few weeks ago, well now month and more, I posted for my first time here. Some may not have seen my R1 before I started my project of giving it a one of the kind 1970's style panels all over it. Just got back from a 430 mile ride after being mid project and could not stand not riding. Here's...
  5. Tugboat

    Hello From Wisconsin!

    Hello, Some people call me Tugboat. I'm 29. I just started riding last year and wanted to share my experience. I ride a 2009 Yamaha R1. I also ride a 1997 Suzuki gsxr-600. Learned how to ride quickly and jumped to the 1000cc. My goal for this season is to post 1 video a week for as long as...
  6. Mosin636

    Rant What Happened To The R1 - First Look At New Bike

    In this motovlog i discuss what happened with the R1 that I posted a test ride video of. You also get the first glimpse of the new bike after retiring the 636 (may she rest and piece). AND whos that riding with us???

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