wind noise

  1. Revsanity

    Audio Perfectionist (NEED HELP/INPUT!!!)

    Hey guys! So after 3 years I decided to get back into motovlogging (shameless plug "Revsanity" on YT). Before I was using a Hero 3+ but sold all my gear. Fast forward to now, I am using a 7 black with a mic adapter. Being a perfectionist and working some with music, I wanted to get the best...
  2. DB Moto

    General Wind... Be Gone! Less Distortion, More R6

    I've finally come much closer to eliminating wind from my helmet so that you guys can enjoy my videos more. I hope you like it! I'm totally open to comments, discussion, questions, and criticism. Happy Monday!
  3. Abay

    The Quest For Clean And Constant Leveled Audio

    I'm having a hard time trying to get my audio loud enough and still clean. I use an aputure a.lav mic connected to my phone for capturing separate audio from my gopro, and I place my deadcat-ed mic right in front of my mouth on the chin bar. When I do vlogs sometimes I speak softly sometimes I...
  4. WingManGT

    General New Camera Angle, New Mic Setup, Less Wind Noise And Lots Of Enthusiasm

    Hi guys, I've posted a new video yesterday trying a bunch of stuff based on your suggestions and a bit of research. I now have a new camera angle showing more of the environment (now shooting in 1080p60 SuperView), I've moved my microphone again and added a chin curtain, so wind noise shouldn't...
  5. MV.LDN

    Drift Ghost S Bmw Evo 6

    Apologies if a similar post has been here already. I've searched but cannot find. I am using the Drift Ghost S with the BMW Evo 6 helmet, with an external mic on an arm in front of my mouth. I seem to get quite a bit of crackling above 15mph visor open or closed. The mic is on low sensitivity...
  6. SalvageSV

    Why You're Getting Wind Noise ...

    So I've seen post after post about wind noise, so I figured I'd just share all of my info in one place. As I've mentioned before, I'm a video professional and have worked with video and audio for around 15 years at this point. In pretty much every case I've seen, the wind noise that...
  7. M

    Sena S20 Boom Mic - Compatibility

    If tl;dr just scroll down to bolded text ;) Hello everyone! I am riding with Biltwell-style open face helmet with bubble shield on. After a few tries of setting up the mic I ended up attaching it to the bottom edge of the visor, almost in front of my mouth. Even though I use fairly furry...
  8. Kilo Delta

    Looking For Tips: Eliminate / Reduce Wind Noise

    So, what are you all doing to get rid of wind noise? I have tried a few things. But, I can tell from several others' videos that I am not doing enough.

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